Monthly weather news in Reading

These facts will change, randomly, twice each day.

Any mention of a record refers to observations at the University of Reading - elsewhere in the United Kingdom values may have been higher or lower.

Observations were made at a site along the London Road in central Reading until 31 December 1967, and at Whiteknights from 1 January 1968 onwards.

In Reading in February in ...

1961 12 There were 11 mornings with fog at 0900 GMT this month.
1981 12 The monthly temperature range this month was a large 23.1 degC. There were 15 days with snow lying this month. December 1981 and January 1982 had spells of heavy, disruptive snow and low temperatures. On 8th December snow began in Reading at about 0700 GMT and was 7 cm deep at Whiteknights at 0900 GMT. Another heavy fall on the 11th increased the level depth to 15 cm. Travel was disrupted during the week and diesel froze in lorry tanks as the temperature fell to -13.4 C on the 13th. Further snow fell just before Christmas and lay for a few days then fresh snowfall on 8th January accumulated to a depth of 12 cm at Whiteknights and this continued lying until 17th January. This again brought chaos on the roads a situation which was not helped when temperatures fell to -14.5 C on the 14th.
2001 12 74.6 h of bright sunshine made this the sunniest December on record at Whiteknights. This month there were 22 air frosts.

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