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Past months/seasons; This day in the past; Mike's weekly spreadsheet; Graphs of recent Reading weather;
Latest British Isles extremes; The month so far in the British Isles; Surface and 500 hPa analyses; Met Office Forecast charts;
Satellite image/jetstream; Lightning/sferics; Recent rainfall; Upper air diagrams;


Current conditions

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Past stats/notes

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The foyer display - new in February 2021: The changing climate of Reading - the new 1991-2020 climatology

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Feeling nostalgic? What happened on this day in the past

The climate of Reading, facts and figures

Past observations - anniversaries of today

100 and 50 years ago in Reading

The past two days in Reading

Screen temperature and humidity Rainfall Pressure
Wind Soil temperatures Sunshine
Surface temperatures Cloud base height Heat and radiation fluxes
Air temperatures, yesterday and today (times UTC):

For graphs of the latest 6 hours and 8 days (and additional 2-day charts) see the following: 6 hours; 2 days; 8 days

Recent weather and temperatures across the British Isles

Air temperature (time shown UTC) Weather (time shown UTC) Weather decoder

How does this month compare with this calendar month in the past?

Some past statistics for this calendar month and season can be seen here.

Monthly mean air temperature Rainfall totals Sunshine totals

Note that in 1968 the site moved away from the slightly warmer town centre; blue denotes the current month so far

How does this season compare with past seasons?

Seasonal mean air temperature Rainfall totals Sunshine totals

Note that in 1968 the site moved away from the slightly warmer town centre; blue denotes the current season so far

Weather conditions in Reading on this date in the past

Air/grass temperature extremes Rainfall Sunshine

Note that in 1968 the site moved away from the town centre, so slightly lower grass minima tended to occur thereafter

Soil temperatures Air pressure Wind gust

Mike's weekly spreadsheet

The 'traditional' one The METFiDAS version The MMS version

Note that the MMS version is updated infrequently, as the data become available

Graphs of recent climatological observations from Reading

Current month - temperature - rainfall - sunshine

The month so far, in numbers

Annual - temperature - rainfall - sunshine
Previous month - temperature - rainfall - sunshine

Latest British Isles extremes

Daytime maximum temperature Night minimum temperature Night grass minimum temperature
Night 18-06 UTC precipitation Daytime 06-18 UTC precipitation 24-hour sunshine

The month so far in the British Isles

All anomalies/percentages are with respect to a full month for the period 1991-2020

Mean temperature anomaly, degC Highest temperature, C Lowest temperature, C
Rainfall: percentage of monthly average Sunshine: percentage of monthly average Mean pressure anomaly, hPa
Mean temperature, C Total rainfall, mm Total sunshine, h

Surface and 500 hPa analyses

UKMO Surface analysis 500 hPa analysis: northern hemisphere 500 hPa analysis: temperature and height

Sources: Wetterzentrale and NCEP/NWS/NOAA

Met Office Forecast charts

24h ↓ 36h ↓
48h ↓ 60h ↓
72h ↓ 84h ↓
96h ↓ 120h ↓

Source: Wetterzentrale

(Daytime) visible satellite image and 300 hPa winds

Sources: EUMETSAT and Wetterzentrale

Lightning - sferics

For an 'zoomed in' view see here (and double-click on a white box)


Do I need my umbrella? updated hourly

Latest Met Office imagery:


Recent upper air diagrams

These are subject to availability


Some useful links

Weather and Climate Discussion global analysis plots

Forecast charts from ECMWF, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, can be found here

Finally, this link will take you to the Reading University Atmospheric Observatory data and script page