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World weather news, December 2018

Severe storms have swept across Queensland, bringing flash flooding - and much-needed rain - to communities that a few days ago were fighting bushfires. At the height of the storm on Tuesday evening, more than 37,000 homes between Rockhampton and Gympie were without power as gales felled trees and damaged roofs. On Wednesday morning a few thousand people were still waiting for their electricity to be restored. Further north, on the Atherton Tablelands, buildings and cars were damaged by hail. Coastal and inland areas north of Gympie received widespread rainfalls of 25-50 mm, with some areas recording almost 100 mm.
A mild autumn and start to December came to a bone-chilling end as bitterly cold air reached Beijing and northeast China. The cold air quickly pressed southward, encompassing much of eastern China and the Korean Peninsula by Friday. Friday was one of Beijing's coldest December days on record as temperatures were held to almost -6C. A maximum temperature near 4C is more common in early December.
One weather-related death has been reported in North Carolina as a result of this weekend's snowstorm. A nasty mix of snow and ice gripped the SE USA this weekend, leading to treacherous driving conditions, canceled flights and thousands of people stranded at home. Over 20 million people were under winter weather alerts. More than 12 inches of snow fell Sunday in the southern and central Appalachians, the National Weather Service said. The area with the highest snowfall total was Whitetop, Virginia, at the border of North Carolina, which had 2 feet of snow. Raleigh-Durham International Airport received about 7 inches of snow on Sunday, which was the most snow at the airport since 2002. Charlotte also saw record-setting snowfall totals. With 2.7 inches, the city had its snowiest December since 1997. The storm already has knocked out power for more than 546,000 customers in the Southeast.

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Last updated 10 December 2018.

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