East Berkshire temperature time series

Now updated to August 2021.

The images below are plotted values of the East Berkshire Temperature time series.

This series has been determined using reported monthly-mean temperatures from many of the weather stations that have been open in the Reading-Bracknell-Wokingham-Maidenhead area at some point in time since 1863.

The weather stations currently used are those for Maidenhead West, Bracknell (Roman Wood), Crowthorne 2, Wokingham, Stratfield Mortimer and the University of Reading. Monthly data for all these stations can be found in the monthly Bulletin of the Climatological Observers Link.

Each graph shows:
  • The temperature anomaly with respect to the average for the 30-year period 1981-2010. Months/years shaded in red were warmer than average, those in blue were colder.
  • The mean temperature for the area at mean sea level assuming a reduction in temperature of 0.6 degC for each 100 m of altitude. Thus for a location in the area that is at 50 metres above sea level the user should subtract 0.3 degC to get a value representation of their locality.
  • A 30-year running mean to illustrate any temperature trends in a smooth fashion. Note that the value for any 30-year period is plotted at the end of the 30-year period.

With the exception of August 2014, each of the twelve months from December 2013 to November 2014 were milder than average, giving the area the second warmest January-November on record with the exception of 2006 which was just 0.05 degC warmer.

In 2006, December was an unusually mild month also, leading to a very mild year overall.

Each of the first six months of 2013 were colder than average, giving the area the coldest start to a year since 1986 as this chart shows.

Fortunately, July 2013 brought about a sudden rise in temperature.

June-July 2012 has brought a rather cool start to the summer with frequent rainfall. How unusual was this? Click on this image to see.

In fact, it was the coolest start to summer since 1987 locally.

April 2012 was a very cool month when compared to March 2012 - in fact March was warmer than April. Has this happened before? Click on this image to find out the answer.

For monthly, seasonal and annual charts, select an image below and then use the left mouse button to view a larger version of the image.

January February March April

May June July August

September October November December

Spring(MAM) Summer(JJA) Autumn(SON) Winter(DJF)

(Note that winter data are plotted according to the year of the December of the winter - thus the winter '2011-12' is shown as '2011'.)