British Isles weather diary

British Isles weather diary

Recent temperature, rainfall and sunshine extremes over the British Isles (Note: figures in parentheses give an indication, from first reports, of the spread of daily max and min temperatures, min daytime temperatures (occasionally), rainfall and sunshine in the 24 hours ending 2100 GMT.)

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British Isles weather, November 2014

Mist and fog over the British Isles on the 27th was slow to clear and it remained misty with a few fog patches across England throughout the day. Parts of Ireland and N and cent Scotland had an early air frost - as did a few places in Wales and SW England. There was further rainfall overnight in the E half of England and in E Scotland - with some snow in the Highlands. Rainfall continued during the day close to the E coast due to a weak front and a flow from the SE. As a result the W half of the British Isles had the best of the sunshine with much of England (away from the SW) remaining rather dull. (Isles of Scilly 13.0C, Lake Vyrnwy 5.2C maximum, Loch Glascarnoch -3.5C minimum, Heathrow 8.0 mm, Valley 6.8 h.)

Misty conditions again affected much of England during the 28th. E and NE Scotland had some overnight rain - with further falls here during the day that also affected parts of NE and E England. England and E Scotland had a generally sunless day with the best of the sunshine to be found in Wales and W Scotland. It was a mild day in all areas, especially in the extreme SW of the British Isles and on the Channel Islands. Close to Penzance the E'ly wind topped force 7 on cliff tops, gusting to 48 kn at St Ives, and 34 kn at Penzance. Despite the strong E wind the temperature reached close to 15C - 14.8C in Penzance and 14.2C even in the near gale at St Ives. (Valentia 14.8C, Lentran 6.2C maximum, Derrylin Cornahoule -0.6C minimum, Lerwick 11.4 mm, Aberporth 5.9 h.)

The 29th was another day with widespread mist, fog, haze and cloud. Some outbreaks of rain moved N'wards across many areas overnight and during the morning - clearing to the E. Further rain and drizzle spread into W parts of Scotland and Ireland later in the day. Wales and S England had sunny periods after the early rain had cleared - further N and W it remained rather dull throughout the day. The temperature widely exceeded 15C in west Cornwall, with over 15C at Camborne, 15.3C at Land's End and 15.2C at Penzance; these temperatures were accompanied by virtually unbroken sunshine and light winds. (Jersey Airport 16.9C, Lerwick 8.0C maximum, Aviemore -1.4C minimum, South Uist 5.2 mm, Bude 7.0 h.)

Scotland had falls of rain overnight into the 30th, gradually spreading E'wards, with lesser falls across parts of Ireland. The rain had largely cleared by dawn at which time there was widespread mist or fog across S Ireland, Wales and England. This cleared only slowly during the morning - and persisted into the afternoon in S England. Further patchy mist and fog formed in places in Cent Ireland, N England and E Scotland in the evening. (Cardiff Bute Park 14.2C, Lentran 6.6C maximum, Tulloch Bridge 1.6C minimum, Lerwick 8.0 mm, Morecambe 7.1 h.)

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Last updated 4 December 2014.