The weather of the month so far

Note that whatever the current date, averages refer to the month as a whole. Thus by 10th June we might expect percentages of rainfall and sunshine to be around 33% (as we are one-third through the month) and the temperature anomaly to be slightly negative (as June tends to get warmer as the month unfolds). There is no significant monthly cycle in air pressure so the pressure anomaly is always a true reflection of the conditions up to the current date.

Thanks are due to Sean Batty of STV weather; discussions with him provided me with the impetus to create these maps.

Select an image and then use the left mouse button to view a larger version of the image. All anomalies are with respect to 1991-2020.

(Left) mean temperature (C) and (right) the departure from average

(Left) highest and (right) lowest temperatures (C) of the month

(Left) total rainfall (mm) and (right) the fall as a percentage of the average

(Left) total sunshine (hours) and (right) the duration as a percentage of the average

(Left) mean sea level pressure (mb) and (right) the deviation from average

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