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MTMG16 Climate Change | Blackboard page (need to be logged in)

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Fellow of the Higher Education Academy: Application including portfolio and case studies

NCAS CMSS 2015 talk on water cycle

NCAS ES4 spring school
Lecture on radiation and climate (PDF) | Activity (PDF)

NERC Advanced Training Course: Earth Observation for Weather and Climate Science
Lecture on Earth's Radiation Budget and Climate (PDF)

Year 10 Meteorology Day: 2015 Intro/Conclusion and forecast | 2014 Intro | 2014 Outro | Safety Procedure
Richardson forecast factory:
Intro | Worksheet (PDF) | Initial and Boundary conditions | example results | Helper info
Fluids Lab - Density Current Experiment:
Year 10 worksheet | Year 12 worksheet | Videos: Dust Storm | Sea breeze

Oxford University Department of Continuing Education:
OUCE | Tutor news/resources
Introduction to Weather and Climate (R10P416BIW): Course resources
Climate Change: Past Present and Future: Course resources

NCAS Climate Science Highlights | template


  • 15-day marking turnaround procedure (2014)
  • Marking policy |
  • MSc Tutorial ideas (Matt Owens)
  • Successful MSc dissertation
  • Tephigram (Dr Ian Brooks, University of Leeds)
  • Blank Tephigrams (Maarten Ambaum)
  • Engage in Assessment site.

    Weather Information for Reading:

  • - Current Weather and Climate Discussions (internal)
  • - Meteorological Observations Data Extractor (MODE) statistics for Reading
  • - Reading Climatology (Roger Brugge)
  • - Departmental links to weather information | see also...
    Additional statistics are available outside Mike Stroud's room (e.g. hottest/coldest/wettest day for each month) near the departmental coffee room. For more information, also see Roger Brugge's website.

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