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Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 28th March - 3rd April 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 28th March - 3rd April 2020


WHO COVID-2019 Situation Report - 2 April

More than a million confirmed cases of Covid-19 globally

At least 175 countries now have confirmed cases of Covid-19

Concern as COVID-19 cases accelerate in Africa

First COVID-19 case among indigenous people confirmed in the Amazon



Brazil reports more than 1000 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours


Massive hailstorm flashes through parts of North Vancouver


Huge forest fire kills 18 firefighters and one guide in China


Colombia - Hundreds Displaced by Floods in Choco Department


Hailstorm Jolts Barak Valley: Lighting kills One in Cachar, Breeze Wrecks Havoc in Karimganj

Uttar Pradesh: Fire in Katarniaghat forest


One Dead, 50,000 Affected After More Floods in Bandung


Severe floods hit parts of eastern Spain after 4 months' worth of rain in 24 hours

Coronavirus: More than 10,000 lives lost in Spain

United States

Florida Wildfire Threat and Drought Increasing From a Record Hot, Dry March

Tornado rips through Arkansas city, injuring 22 people


Zambia - Floods Continue in North


Other items of interest

UNDRR/WHO Webinar - Resilience of local governments: A multi-sectoral approach to integrate public health and disaster risk management -7 April

International Science Council Webinar: Transforming science communication for transformations to sustainability - 15 April

UNDRR Webinar - Leave No One Behind in COVID-19 - Prevention, Response and Recovery

UNESCO mobilizes 122 countries to promote open science and reinforced cooperation in the face of COVID-19

Building resilience against biological hazards and pandemics: COVID-19 and its implications for the Sendai Framework

Understanding the Covid-19 crisis: insights from risk management on choices, preferences and trade-offs

Working Paper: Pandemics and Violence Against Women and Children

Impact of COVID-19 on WMO Global Observing System

Multi-method evidence for when and how climate-related disasters contribute to armed conflict risk

Data tracking to tackle future pandemics via smartphones

Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 21st - 27th March 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 21st - 27th March 2020


WHO CoVid-19 Situation Reports

WHO Health Alerts through WhatsApp

Europe CoVid-19: the number of cases is rapidly increasing

Italian coronavirus deaths jump, dashing hopes the worst was over

US overtakes China with most cases 

Coronavirus cases in Africa pass 2,400



Great Barrier Reef suffers third mass coral bleaching event in five years


Heavy rainfall in Burundi leaves one dead and hundreds displaced 


Series of earthquakes jolt Croatian capital, Zagreb


Dubai slammed by massive storm including lightening, hail and flooding


Three dead in Fiji landslide


Two people killed in forest fire

Landslide kills 3 working on all-weather road


Indonesia's most active volcano, Mount Merapi erupts for the second time this month


12 killed, 17 injured as flash floods continue to plague Iran


At least five dead, hundreds of homes severely damaged as major floods hit Iraq


Kenya farmers brace for second onslaught of crop-devouring locusts

Papua New Guinea

Landslide in Papua New Guinea highlands buries 12 people

Eruption of Manam volcano sends plume of ash 3 kilometres high


Dengue outbreak in Paraguay, nearly 2000 cases reported


Spain's coronavirus death toll soars

United States

Tornado rips across Mississippi and Alabama


Mekong Delta struggles with worst drought ever


Flooding caused by heavy rains in Aden kill two with continued rainfall predicted


Over 700,000 people hit by floods


Other items of interest

Johns Hopkins University: Global Health Now – CoVid-19 Expert Reality Check

Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

Bushfire smoke linked to hundreds of deaths in Australia 

How Australia's wilderness is recovering from wildfires

Why gender matters in the impact and recovery from CoVid-19

How to model a pandemic

A positive policy turn for people most vulnerable to drought worldwide

3 low-cost early warning systems that save lives in remote places 

Building resilience against biological hazards and pandemics: CoVid-19 and its implications for the Sendai Framework

Training Course: Converge Cultural Competence in Hazards and Disaster Training Module (University of Colorado Boulder, Natural Hazards Center)


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 14th - 20th March 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 14th - 20th March 2020


WHO Director General's Media Briefing, 18th March 2020


Coronavirus weekly: expert analysis round-up


China reports no new domestic transmission of the virus for the first time since the start of the outbreak


Italy overtakes China's death toll


Asian nations face second wave of imported cases


OpenWHO: CoVid-19 real-time training courses


WHO CoVid-19 Research and Development Blueprint





Media reporting 3 deaths in Angolan floods




Rare, unusually large ozone hole develops over the Arctic Canadian region


Central African Republic


Measles outbreak in the Central African Republic




China reports new African Swine Fever cases among wild boars




Volcanic activity in Guatemala




Landslide kills 3 in Darjeeling


India reports avian flu cases in 3 separate locations




Tropical cyclone Herald strikes Madagascar leaving 4 dead




Drought affecting water supply in 18 villages




Twin tornadoes strike Moroccan city




13 new polio cases in one day




Over 3,000 homes swept away by floods in Tanzania's coastal region




Unsafe smog levels in Chiang Mai




Houses washed away during strong floods in East Timor


United States


Strongest storms in a decade leave a trail of destruction and 25 dead in Tennessee


High winds bring power outages to North West Montana



Other items of interest


Sendai Framework disaster loss data released to mark fifth anniversary


Coronavirus origins: genome analysis suggests two viruses may have combined


Key messages and actions for CoVid-19 prevention and control in schools


Silent disasters: preparing for the King Tide


Building resilience through better water management


CoVid-19 and climate: multifaceted impacts


It's time to revise estimates of river flood hazards


Call for contributions: 'Gender and Disaster Risk Reduction: Good Practices and Lessons Learned' (deadline end of March)


Map depicting susceptibility to landslides triggered by intense rain, Puerto Rico


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 7th - 13th March 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 7th - 13th March 2020


WHO officially characterises CoVid-19 as a pandemic


WHO rolling updates on CoVid-19


All of Italy in lockdown as coronavirus cases rise


Coronavirus reaches politicians, world leaders and disrupts global events


CoVid-19: 50 million travel and tourism jobs at risk




Avalanches in Austrian Alps kill at least six




At least 43 people die in landslides in Brazil




State of emergency declared in Egypt over 'very rare' cyclone


Storm in Egypt kills five as national holiday called to minimise impact




Continued flooding affects thousands amidst ongoing coronavirus outbreak




At least 28 killed, 65 injured as heavy rains lash the Kyber Pakhtuunkhwa




Heavy rains and flooding claim more lives in Rwanda


Solomon Islands


Two die and six are missing following a landslide in the Solomon Islands



Other items of interest:


Special Issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: 'Health Related Emergency Disaster Risk Management' (open access)


Expressions of Interest Sought: Global Risk Assessment Framework Expert Group (closing date 14 March 2020)


30 Innovations linking Disaster Risk Reduction with Sustainable Development Goals


Asia's rapid urbanisation and deforestation linked to deadly viruses


Europe records warmest winter since 1855 when records began


Information is Power: Women need equal access to ICTs for disaster resilience


Tornadoes that strike at night are deadlier and require more effective warning systems


NASA supported techniques are 'best practice' for UN Disaster Risk Reduction Guidelines


Disaster Risk Reduction Investments in Africa: a summary of 16 findings from 16 risk-sensitive budget reviews


Training Course: European Commission, Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre 'Adapting to extremes: exploring the challenges of the new decade'


Public Health England Coronavirus Dashboard


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 29th February - 6th March 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 29th February - 6th March 2020



WHO - 5th March COVID-19 Media Briefing


Updated COVID-19 Situation Report


Italy shuts all its schools in bid to contain COVID-19


Fear returns to the Stock Market after surge in COVID-19 cases





Deadly floods and landslides hit southern Brazil


Democratic Republic of the Congo


Congolese government appeals for aid after months of flooding




Heavy rains sweep the Honduras leaving two dead and nearly 800 displaced




More than 45,000 displaced as flooding worsens in Jakarta




Russia records warmest winter on record




Tornadoes, rain and thunderstorms leave five dead and seventeen injured


United States


Brutal Nashville tornado kills 25 people


Homes left encased in ice after snow storm wallops New York state



Other items of interest:


Aligning Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction


Healthy flood plains have a key role to play in improving our environment

COVID-19 and its impact on people, cities and economy


Over 60% of Myanmar's mangroves deforested in the last 20 years


A new way to track the geographic spread of Lyme disease


Why we can no longer ignore consecutive disasters


Ten ways to support climate change adaptation planning and decision making


How changes in weather patterns could lead to more insect invasions


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 22nd - 28th February 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 22nd - 28th February 2020




WHO Director General's Opening Remarks at the CoVid-19 Mission Briefing


Nigeria confirms first coronavirus case: latest updates globally


World prepares for coronavirus pandemic; global recession forecast





Severe thunderstorm in Perth leaves trail of destruction


Canary Islands


Massive sandstorm engulfs the Canary Islands




Floods and mudslides continue to affect central Colombia - eight deaths, houses swept away


Democratic Republic of the Congo


DRC reports 252 measles deaths since the start of 2020




New Delhi is the world's most polluted capital for the second straight year


13 dead after severe thunderstorms strike Bihar




Jakarta floods: more than 60 deaths and 175,000 people displaced




Widespread flooding in several areas: four fatalities reported




China may send ducks to battle Pakistan's locust swarms




At least five dead as flooding, landslides plague southern Peru


Massive glacier collapse results in catastrophic debris flow




Massive blizzard buries village


Earthquake kills at least nine


United Kingdom


Emergency evacuations as flood defences are overwhelmed


Storm Dennis unleashes worst weather of the year as "bomb cyclone" sparks flood warnings


United States


Texas city records significant rise in syphilis and other STDs



Other items of interest:


Deliberate fire setting: an international public health issue


Ride-hailing increases emissions, contributes to climate pollution


Uganda's "locust commander" leads the battle against a new enemy


Inside Australia's Climate Emergency: a Killer Heat


Advancing research for seamless earth system prediction


Women key to solving climate crisis say Uganda school striker


Zimbabwe special report: crop monitoring for early warning signs


Extreme heat and risk of preterm birth in California, 2005-2013


Floods across South America after heavy rain


UN call to expand regional networks on cross-boundary disasters



Training Courses:


Gender in disaster risk reduction, 20-24 April 2020


GIS on Disaster Risk Management, 5-16 October 2020


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 15th - 21st February 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 15th - 21st February 2020


 WHO CoVid-2019 Situation Reports


A visual guide to the outbreak




Flooding leaves one person dead and hundreds displaced




State of Emergency declared after heavy rain, landslides and river overflow in Bolivia leave nineteen dead and over four hundred houses destroyed




Bulgaria reports avian flu outbreak




Two hundred vehicle pile-up in Quebec after unexpected "whiteout" conditions




France suffers more destruction as Storm Dennis leaves 45,000 homes without power




Forest fire in Kerala kills three people




Hundreds affected by floods within location of Indonesia's future capital




Floods triggered by heavy rains have led to casualties in Mozambique including six deaths




Lassa fever deaths top 100, first case in the capital




Heavy rain and thunderstorms cause landslides and flooding, death toll rises to four




Schools close as storm hits much of South Pacific




Locusts swarm into South Sudan as plague spreads


United Kingdom


Storm Dennis: major incidents declared in south Wales and Hertfordshire


Storm Dennis rain deluge takes its toll on farmers


United States


Unprecedented flooding swamps Mississippi: State of Emergency declared



Other items of interest:


A Future for the World's Children: a WHO/UNICEF/Lancet Commission


A Call for Good Practice Case Studies on the Strategic Approach to Capacity Development for Implementation of the Sendai Framework


Locust swarms: UN warns of food crisis in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia


UK Government pledges 1.2 billion for the world's most powerful supercomputer to forecast extreme weather


Risk transfer for populations in precarious urban environments


A typology of community flood resilience


Fighting extreme weather in Zambia


The climate change imperative to transform risk management


New studies explore how knowledge drives action in climate decision making


Remote sensing data used for dzud early action in Mongolia



Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 8th - 14th February 2020

Global hazards weekly bulletin

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 8th - 14th February 2020


Coronavirus - COVID-19

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Report - 13 February 2020

WHO 2019 Novel Coronavirus:  strategic preparedness and response plan





All New South Wales bushfires now contained




Floods and landslides hit Bolivia causing widespread destruction




Heavy rains and flooding causes landslides in Sao Paulo




Three people die, thousands displaced in continuing floods


Democratic Republic of Congo

Ebola outbreak in DRC continues to be a public health emergency of international concern



Snowstorms claim 8 lives and cause widespread disruption in northern Iran




Thailand tackles worst drought in 40 years




Uganda sprays locust swarms to protect coffee crops


United Kingdom


Storm Ciara hammers UK with hurricane-force winds and floods


Third person dies in Storm Ciara


Other items of interest:


WHO Health Emergencies Dashboard


WFP Regional resilience framework: North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe Region


Disaster knowledge gaps: Exploring the interface between science and policy for disaster risk reduction in Europe


Understanding the value and limits of nature-based solutions to climate change and other global challenges


Accountability in the Context of Disaster Risk Governance


Operational framework for flood risk communication


Locust swarms in East Africa:  what you need to know


"Our Future on Earth 2020" Report launched


AUDIO: How Native American communities are addressing climate change


Time Magazine:  Why WHO's formal name for the new coronavirus disease matters


Climate Change - Why facts don't change minds


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 25th - 31st January 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 25th - 31st January 2020


Novel Coronavirus 2019


World Health Organization declares Coronavirus to be a global health emergency


WHO Statement on Coronavirus, 30th January 2020


Current coronavirus outbreaks in real time





Nearly 50 dead, thousands displaced as storms lash south east Brazil




Heavy rain and thunderstorms in several areas of Atacama leave hundreds stranded




More flooding in Indonesia, thousands left displaced




State of emergency declared as powerful winter storm hits Kazakhstan




Kenya suffers worst locust infestation in 70 years as millions of insects swarm farmland




Drought leaves tens of thousands in Lesotho 'one step from famine'




Heavy rains, flooding kills 32 in Madagascar




Over 200 displaced as floods hit Johor


Solomon Islands


Magnitude 6.3 quake strikes Solomon Islands




Flash flood kills 3 leaves six hundred homeless




Turkey earthquake:  at least 31 dead as building collapses




Uganda reports outbreak of yellow fever



Other items of interest:


Food and Agriculture Organization: Early Warning Action Report on Food Security and Agriculture


New guidelines on organisational weather resilience for severe space weather


Deep data helps cities prepare for disaster

Using mobile phone surveys to track resilience and post-disaster recovery: A how-to guide

Gender-based violence and environment linkages 

Before and now: lived experiences of early warning systems during a flood

Heat in Cities:  impact of heatwaves and measures to mitigate risk 

Meeting at the crossroads? Developing national strategies for disaster risk reduction and resilience: Relevance, scope for, and challenges to integration


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 18th - 24th January 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 18th - 24th January 2020

WHO Statement on the Coronavirus Outbreak issued 23 January 2020

New coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Macao, Singapore, the United States, Hong Kong, Nepal and South Korea. Additional cases have also been reported in Japan and Thailand.




Storms with giant hailstones hit bushfire regions in Australia


Australian bushfires contribute to huge rise in global CO2




Haemorrhagic fever case reported in Sao Paulo state


Floods kill at least 6 in Southern Brazil




State of emergency declared after record snowfall in eastern Canada


Extreme winter storm in Newfoundland




China takes measures to rein in spread of coronavirus


Coronavirus: death toll rises as more cities shut down




Thousands displaced and hundreds injured after floods in Guatemala




Six deaths and widespread damage after floods in Madagascar




28 people die in heavy flooding in Mozambique




Heavy rain causes overflow of the Pachitea river




Thirteen people die as Storm Gloria floods delta in eastern Spain


United States


Cold temperatures litter south Florida with stunned iguanas




Millions at risk after toxins found in Harare's water supply


Zimbabwe grain stocks running out after drought



Other items of interest:


Global Commission on Adaptation launches action track to accelerate local climate adaptation solutions


UNEP, IUCN to launch new €20m programme on ecosystem-based adaptation


World Economic Forum: Global Risks Report 2020


WMO State of Climate Services 2019


WHO: Lack of new antibiotics threaten global efforts to contain drug-resistant infections


Ten New Insights in Climate Science 2019: The world is not on track


Guided self-help intervention reduces refugee's psychological distress and improves wellbeing in humanitarian crises


New Research suggests Australian Bushfires Cost 1.8 million Work Days, Leave 5 Million Sick from Smoke


Epi-Brain: a global platform that allows experts in data and public health to analyse large datasets for emergency preparedness and response

Climate and Disaster Displacement: The Importance of Disaster Law and Policy

Using behavioural insights to improve disaster preparedness, early warning and response mechanisms in Haiti

Interpersonal violence and mental health outcomes following disaster

How standardized baseline information helps harmonize disaster risk management in Bangladesh

East Africa battles devastating locust swarms


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 11th - 17th January 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 11th - 17th January 2020


Extreme cold and heavy snow hit Afghanistan killing at least seventeen people




80% of the Blue Mountains and 50% of Gondwana rainforests burn in bushfires


Emergency Response Co-ordination Centre Map of the Australian bushfires




Six dead as storms hit Bolivia




At least nine dead as giant sinkhole swallows bus


Second death in China from coronavirus




Twenty per cent of areas in Iran are at high risk of flood




"Smog emergency" forces traffic bans across Italy cities




Japan confirms first case of new China corona virus strain




Avalanches and snow wreak havoc in Pakistan, leaving 73 dead




Philippines volcano: Thousands evacuated as Taal spews ash


Taal volcano - "Life-threatening" eruption risk remains as thousands of evacuated residents warned not to return to danger zone


Philippines polio case tally reaches 16




Thailand finds Wuhan novel coronavirus in traveller from China


United Kingdom


Severe gales and floods follow Storm Brendan


United States


Severe storms sweep through southern states leaving 12 dead




Anthrax outbreak in Zimbabwe



Other items of interest:


Funding opportunity: funding for scaling humanitarian innovation


Events: World Humanitarian Forum, 15-16 April in London


Call for papers on Information Technology in Disaster Risk Reduction for inclusion in special edition of Information Systems Frontiers


A decennial review of psychotraumatology: what did we learn and where are we going?


Health emergency preparedness for imported cases of high consequence infectious diseases


Missing Maps: supporting disaster relief by putting the world"s most vulnerable people on the map


Take care when examining the economic impact of fires. GDP doesn"t tell the full story


'Fun disaster' drills catching on across Japan, 25 years after Kobe quake


Worst marine heatwave on record killed one million seabirds in North Pacific Ocean


What 50 years of global hurricane landfall data can tell us about climate change


Pulitzer Center on Disaster Reporting: Annual Report


Amazon deforestation jumped 85% in 2019


WMO confirms 2019 as second hottest year on record


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 4th - 10th January 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 4th - 10th January 2020


 Torrential rain kills 41 people in Angola and causes widespread destruction




New York Times round up of coverage on the Australian bushfires


Smoke from Australian bushfires has reached South America


Australian bushfires converge to form "mega-blaze"


WMO Australia suffers devastating bushfires




Burundi malaria cases reach 8.5 million




WHO Statement Regarding Cluster of Pneumonia Cases in Wuhan, China


50 people infected with newly discovered virus that causes severe lung disease




Extreme cold front covers Greece in snow




Four dead as "once in 50 years" flooding hits Israel




Kenya starts spraying of locusts seen as threat to food security




Bird flu in Poland not contained


Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico declares emergency after being rocked by hundreds of earthquakes since December




Heavy rain kills two people in southern Turkey



Other items of interest:


UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction: Disaster Resilience Scorecard for industrial and commercial buildings


United Nations University: Managing disaster risk and water security – strategies for small island developing states


Flight to the future: one land"s quest to diffuse a climate timebomb


Running dry: competing for water on a thirsty planet


Climate Science Research in the United States and US Territories: survey of scientific publications from selected public universities 2014-2018


As the ice melts, Greenland considers its future


Vintage photos show what Los Angeles looked like before the US controlled air pollution


An Australian Public Health researcher writes about being on the front line of "climate collapse"


Heatwave threatens Tunisia's date industry


2010-2019: A landmark decade of U.S. billion-dollar weather and climate disasters


Currency exchange company Travelex being held to ransom by hackers



Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin: 21st December 2019 - 3rd January 2020

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 21st December 2019 - 3rd January 2020



Deadliest day of wildfires in Australia


Nearly half a billion animals have died in the Australian bushfires




At least 50 killed, 283 000 affected as cold wave sweeps through Bangladesh




Cyclone Sarai lashes Fiji leaving one dead and 2,500 evacuated




Jakarta floods: 'Not ordinary rain', say officials




5 die and 51 injured in Mozambique flash floods




Heavy rains kill 12 on Christmas night




Northern Syria flooding: thousands of children at risk of further displacement



Other items of interest:


2019 record temperatures conclude a decade of records in the UK


UN Environment Programme: 5 New Year's Resolutions with a Green Twist


Flood Resilience Alliance: Flood resilience measurement for communities


UNESCO: Global water security case studies


Haiti 10 Years After the Earthquake


World Bank: Act carefully or drown. 3 lessons from New Orleans for Sri Lanka


EU Annual Progress Report of the European and Global Drought Observatories, 2019


Beijing cuts city smog by more than 17% in 2019


Ugandan walkers plant trees to keep the climate fit


Climate activist Greta Thunberg named Time Magazine's 2019 "Person of the Year"



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