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Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 15 to 19 January 2018

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 15th to 19th January 2018


Soaring heat across South Australia followed by thunderstorm warning prompts energy warning

Southern states swelter as power supply struggles



3 dead as monstrous winds lash Europe, creating a travel nightmare



High winds cut power for thousands in Nova Scotia



'Orange' alert issued as smog engulfs Beijing



Storm Friederike batters Germany with hurricane-strength winds



Storm Fionn aftermath: Thousands of people without power, snow and strong winds forecast

13 cars involved in multiple collisions in a hailstorm on the M7 in Tipperary



Two dead in Rukum forest fire


The Netherlands

Hurricane-Force Winds In Europe Halt Flights, Rip Roofs And Topple Trees


Papua New Guinea

1,500 More People Moved After Papua New Guinea Volcano Erupts



Earthquake Measuring 7.1 on Richter Scale Shakes Peru; 2 Dead

Southern Peru jolted by strong earthquake, gov't to declare state of emergency


The Philippines

12,000 flee as the Philippines warns of volcano eruption

Thousands Flee As Lava Flows Down Philippines Volcano

4 dead in flooding, landslides in Visayas, Mindanao



Schools evacuated after 4.9 magnitude earthquake in Portugal


The United Kingdom

Winter weather: Thousands without power after gales hit the UK

Strong winds blow roof off Coventry house


The United States

California mudslide toll rises to 20, as search continues


Other items of interest

50 years since Sicily's earthquake, an urban disaster of a different kind

22 nations to join disaster meet in India

India seeks coalition on resilient infrastructure

Rajnath Singh urges int'l community to join hands to create disaster resilient infrastructure

IV bags in short supply across the US after Hurricane Maria

Phang Nga Schools Hold Evacuation Drills for Tsunami Preparedness

15 years on from Canberra bushfires, a city, and its landscape healing

Insurers take a hard look at California and see growing wildfire risk

UN: Three-Year Hot Streak "Existential Threat to Planet"

IHRR / DWD Conference 2017 - Presentations

2017: Government agencies declare it one of hottest on record

Australia’s ‘deadliest natural hazard’: what’s your heatwave plan?

The disaster risk management challenge for small cities

Rebuilding houses and livelihoods in post-earthquake Nepal

GEOlab researchers shaping future of energy, disaster forecasting

Japan breakthrough could improve weather forecasts and save lives

Senior financial executives at major U.S. companies admit incomplete preparations in the wake of 2017 hurricanes



Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 08 to 12 January 2018

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 08th to 12th January 2018


Australian heatwave melts roads, prompts destructive fires

'Intense' thunderstorms strike Sydney, cause blackouts and train delays

Sydney battered by 4,600 lightning strikes as SES responds to 150 calls

Severe storms leave 19,000 premises in the dark



Earthquake measuring 6.0 on Richter Scale hits Indian border near Myanmar



7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Honduras Coast; Tsunami Warning Issued



5.1 earthquake hits Iran's western province of Kermanshah, hurting 21

Multiple strong earthquakes hit western Iran



Cyclone Ava kills at least 29 in Madagascar

Madagascar: 29 killed, 80,000 affected by tropical cyclone Ava


The Netherlands

Over 1330 damage reports after Zeerijp earthquake


Papua New Guinea

Residents forced to flee as volcano erupts in Papua New Guinea

Ash-spewing volcano in Papua New Guinea forces villagers to flee, local media says

600 evacuated as Papua New Guinea volcano erupts; no loss of life reported


The Philippines

Tropical Storm Tembin: Flash floods, landslides kill over 100



Cars stalled, commuters stranded as flash floods hit eastern S'pore

Flash floods in eastern parts of Singapore after heavy downpour


South Africa

Drilling on Cape Flats Aquifer starts as Cape Town dams dry up in drought



Bangkok hit by floods after thunderstorm


The United States of America

Flooding at JFK airport adds to misery after flight delays

Evacuations Ordered for Southern California Burn Scar Areas Ahead of Expected Rainfall

The Latest: Thousands evacuated from California burn areas

Mandatory Evacuations Ordered As Strong Wind And Rain Hit Orange County

California mudslides kill at least 13 in region scorched by wildfires

Rescuers search for survivors of deadly California mudslides that left 15 dead, demolished homes and swamped streets

California rescuers search for missing in deadly mudslide



Violent hail strikes again


Other items of interest

Bushfire smoke silent, deadly danger to our health

Melbourne hailstorm puts dent in Suncorp

UNISDR Asia Partnership Forum shares updates in disaster risk reduction

WHO: Heavy Rains in DRC Worsening Cholera Epidemic

Climate Change Might Cause More Frequent Eruptions

Turkey counts on future rain amid drought concerns

Global science for city policy

India's advocacy of disaster risk management will save lives

What Canada's largest city is doing to help reduce flood insurance claims

'Urgent need for early warning systems in the Caribbean'

Adaptation now: River flood risks increase around the globe under future warming

Christchurch shifts from concrete to steel in post-earthquake rebuild

We're not ready for a flu pandemic

Tracing how disaster impacts escalate will improve emergency responses

Climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam

Why half a degree matters - Study


Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 01 to 05 January 2018

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 01st to 05th January 2018



1300 lightning strikes in less than two hours

Patients rocked after lightning's direct hit on hospital

Total fire ban for Victoria as state prepares for 40C temperatures



Extreme cold sparks chaos in Canada airports

Extreme cold warning issued for GTA ahead of another cold snap



4 workers killed in a mudslide at Jaflong stone quarry

Death toll in Jaflong stone quarry mudslide rises to 5, Case filed

All mosquito-borne diseases on upswing in Tamil Nadu, malaria up 18%



27,000 households without power this morning

Storm Eleanor: Heavy rain, floods cause damage on Ireland's west coast



Israel Enters a Fifth Year of Drought


New Zealand

Monster storm: Roofs lift, homes flood, thousands without power



800 Toledo City residents evacuated due to flooding, landslides

2 perish in Malabuyoc town landslide

3rd storm in 2 weeks wreaks havoc in Visayas, Mindanao

Landslide due to 'Agaton' kills 2 in Cebu

Flooding hits Albay due to heavy rain


South Africa

Two drown in KZN floods‚ two die in Joburg storm

Hailstorm causes havoc in three municipalities of the province


Sri Lanka

Nearly 300,000 people remain affected by drought in N. Sri Lanka


The United Kingdom

Thousands of homes without power as Storm Eleanor arrives in Britain


The United States

'Extreme' Cold Weather Blamed for 9 Deaths Across the U.S.



Over 20 homes destroyed by hailstorm


Other items of interest

Ugandan farmers advised to adopt Water harvesting as drought spells persist

Sierra Leone mudslide survivors living back in the danger zone

The elderly and disabled were left behind in Hurricane Irma. What will happen next time?

California Wildfires Demonstrate Breadth Of Water Quality Threat

Managing disasters: next-gen reforms

As the wind blows: Shielding the data centre

'Not built for this': What fails in the extreme cold? Just about everything.

Maps show the mudslide and debris flow threat from the Thomas fire

Ethiopian weather stations to fight climate shocks

New Zealand: Cost of storms is pushing up premiums, insurance brokerage says

Satellites could help forecast the next cholera outbreak

US: Four months after Hurricane Harvey, four major questions about recovery for 2018

As climate disasters increase, Africa's hydrometeorology infrastructure is deteriorating

Scientists to map quake-prone Asian region in hope of mitigating disaster

NEC to provide disaster prevention system in Indonesia

UK: 'Does Hull have a future?' City built on a flood plain faces sea rise reckoning

Early action key to preventing crises related to El Nino and La Nina - UN relief official

Study predicts a significantly drier world at 2oC



Back to menu Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 25 to 29 December 2017

Global Hazards Weekly Bulletin - 25th to 29th December 2017



40 Homes Evacuated As Bushfire Threatens Melbourne Suburb



Extreme cold in Toronto smashes 57-year-old temperature record



Chilean mudslide death toll climbs to 16



Indonesia's Sinabung volcano erupts again

Sinabung volcano eruption on Dec 27 was biggest this year: Indonesian disaster mitigation agency



Overnight 4.2 earthquake hits northern Iran leaving 1 dead, more than 70 injured

Moderate earthquake kills one person, injures 57 in Iran



Wildfire: One dead, five injured in forest fire


The Philippines

Tropical Storm Trembin leaves more than 200 dead in landslides and flash floods

Philippines storm death toll tops 200, tens of thousands displaced

Heavy rains cause landslides, flooding in Bicol



Child killed, 70,000 left without power as Poland hit by strong winds on Christmas Eve



Turkey experiencing worst drought in 44 years: Minister


The United Kingdom

Overnight snow causes power cuts and disruption in region

Thousands left without power as snowstorm engulfs Oxfordshire

Disruption at UK airports as wintry weather strands hundreds



Mass evacuations in southern Vietnam as Typhoon Tembin nears


Other items of interest

Humidity Is the Real Heat-Wave Threat

Christmas wildfires: How climate change puts California at risk all year round

Climate science and policy frameworks

India-Russia coordinated action on DRR

India: Disasters mostly occur at specific times (study)

How invasive weeds can make wildfires hotter and more frequent

Unequal protection: Climate change and the acceleration of global inequality

Bangladesh: Review of earthquake contingency plan of Dhaka City Corporation



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