A PV-related leading control variable in Var

Ross Bannister and Mike Cullen

Project Documents
Introduction to the project
User guide for the new PV code, (April 07)
Summary of code changes, (Feb. 07)
New PV-based control variables in Met Office VAR (Vn 07) (Main project working document, updated Feb. 09)
Putting back global mean pressure (added April 2009)
The diagonal preconditioner (updated Nov. 2008)
The vertical tridiagonal preconditioner (updated Nov. 2007)
ADI preconditioner (updated Nov. 2008)
Cut-off wavenumbers for unbalanced pressure (updated Feb. 2009)
Analysis of correlation plots (standard and PV-based variables) (added March 2007)
A list of diagnostics needed to assess this scheme (added 04/09/06)
Summary of basic equations (added October 2007)
A summary of the transforms
MetO seminar (Sept 04)
Poster (Prague WMO Conference, April 2005) "A Potential Vorticity (PV) based control variable control parameter for background error covariance modelling"
Details about the adjoint of the 'zero adjustment' step associated with the Poisson solver (this process in not actually needed in the code used)
Check for zero PV in unbalanced transform (added 25/02/05)
Check for zero PV in unbalanced transform (uses frames, added 15/03/05)
Details about density scaling
Derivation of PV for the vertical modes [OBSOLETE]
Pictures of PV of normal modes - try 1 (simple projection) [OBSOLETE]
Pictures of PV of normal modes - try 2 (derivation of PV-like quantity in grid space) [OBSOLETE]
Pictures of PV of normal modes - try 3 (derivation of PV-like quantity via spectral space) [OBSOLETE]
Pictures of vorticity projected onto normal modes [OBSOLETE]
GCR Test and Inverse Test Results
Original GCR test results.
Second set of GCR test results.
Third set of GCR test results.
Post BL code GCR test results.
Pseudo Observation Test Results
VCS plots (old)
IDL plots (new)
Exps with ensemble-derived b/g error covs and no anti-PV
Post BL pseudoobs tests
Post 'global mean p' pseudoobs tests
Correlation tests
Comparison between standard, PV (with anti-PV) and PV (without anti-PV) schemes
Horizontal spectra
Comparison between standard, and PV (without anti-PV) schemes
Start coding to incorporate my changes 18/10/06-22/12/07

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