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The weather of 2014 - some local highlights: Warm and wet, with no snow

2014 was a very mild and very wet year. In local records going back to 1953 only 2006 was (marginally) warmer. Not until late December did the daytime temperature fail to reach 5C - the maximum temperature on the coldest day of 2014 was the highest annual value for ten years. The year was sunnier than normal and it was the wettest year since 2000 when 893.6 mm fell. 1958 was also wetter locally, while 1903 was wetter than 2014 by about 100 mm. Local daily snowfall records go back to 1936 and 2014 was the first year since then in which no sleet or snow was observed to fall in Maidenhead. Thunderstorms were more frequent, especially in the summer months, than in recent years although there were more thunder days in 2006.

More details can be found here with monthly notes here.

July 2014 - some hot weather

The last seven months have all been warmer than normal in Maidenhead - and July seems set to continue the trend.

Prior to the start of the July the highest temperature reached in the town was 27.2 C on 13th June. This reading was equalled on 12th July and passed on 17th July when 29.4 C was recorded. On Friday 18th it was only slightly cooler with a maximum temperature of 29.3 C and by Saturday morning the temperature had only fallen to a minimum of 18.7 C.

In addition, during the early hours of Friday 18th there was a heavy thunderstom in Maidenhead - 16.1 mm of rain fell and the lightning was very frequent at times, lighting up a lot of the sky. Judging by the loudness of the thunder, there were also one or two lightning strikes quite close to SW Maidehead.

During Saturday 19th the temperature rose to 28.1 C with no rainfall at all in Maidenhead after 10 a.m. Another warm night followed with the minimum temperature during the morning of the 20th falling only to 16.7 C, while on Sunday the thermometer climbed to 26.8 C in the afternoon.

Maximum temperatures remained high and nights were warm during the period 21st-24th. On these days the maximum temperatures recorded in Maidenhead got progressively higher with each successive day - 21st 27.2 C, 22nd 28.3 C, 23rd 29.1C and 24th 30.3 C.

The 24th was the warmest day of 2014 so far in Maidenhead while July so far has been slightly more than 1 degC warmer than average. The coming weekend should see a continuation of the warm/hot weather in Maidenhead - with slightly cooler conditions (but still warmer than average) for the remainder of the month.

Older news items can be found here.

Note that the observations below refer to the period 0900-0900GMT while the forecasts are for 0600-1800GMT maximum and 1800-0600GMT minimum temperatures.

In these two charts the red line shows the mean of several forecasts. The thin blue lines show the range of values predicted by the different NCEP (ensemble) forecasts, while the dark blue lines give an idea of the standard deviation. The rainfall total is the six-hour total ending at the time indicated (the dates along the bottom axis are written at 0000GMT).

The increase in spread of the forecast values in the previous two charts gives an ideas as to when the forecasts become to be unreliable.

Maidenhead's daily and monthly weather reports

Local climatology (updated January 2009)

These two sets of data have been compiled using observations made at my home weather station since June 1988. This is a suburban site and is slightly warmer than Hurley because of this. Also, the observations were made at a generally later date than those of Hurley, and the extra warmth is also an indicator of 'global warming'.

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    The following information has been extracted from the daily weather observations made at Hurley during 1953-1992. This is a rural site.

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