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World weather news, September 2016

Hermine became the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in 11 years - since Wilma on 24 October 2005; it made landfall around 1:30 a.m. EDT east of St. Marks, Florida, as a Category 1 hurricane. Ahead of the hurricane's landfall, a station south of Apalachicola reported wind gusts of 79 mph at an elevation of 35 m.
Three people have been found dead and a woman is missing after torrential rain caused flash flooding in Greece. The worst casualties were in and around the south-western city of Kalamata, where a disabled woman aged 63 and a man of 80 died in their basement homes. A 90 year-old was also found dead. Another woman was missing after abandoning her car in floods in northern Greece. The floods destroyed homes and businesses and swept cars out to sea. Cars were washed out to sea in Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece The flooding hit towns and cities from Thessaloniki in the north-east to Sparta in the south. Kalamata Mayor Panagiotis Nikas told Reuters news agency that he had "never seen anything like it". "About 140 mm of rain fell in an hour this morning. Can you imagine that?" he said.

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Last updated 8 September 2016.

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