Data Assimilation Training in collaboration with the ECMWF

Intensive course on advanced data-assimilation methods

This 4-day intensive course on advanced data-assimilation methods will be given by members of the Data Assimilation Research Centre and the National Centre for Earth Observation. The course will provide an introduction to all data-assimilation methods used in numerical weather prediction, including the latest developments. All methods will be derived from a common framework to provide an overview of the assumptions and hence applicability of the different methods. The course also provides hands-on computer practicals to see the methods in action and gain a better understanding of their working. For those unfamiliar with data assimilation, or those who are keen to develop a deeper understanding of data assimilation methods, this course is a solid preparation for the main Data Assimilation ECMWF course held on 12-16 March 2018.

An overview of the subjects covered is given below, including some supplementary material covering the basic mathematics. A map of Reading, Whiteknights campus can be found here.

  • Introduction to Data Assimilation
  • Coavariances
  • Computer practical covariances
  • Variational Methods: Theory and practical issues
  • Computer practicals Variational methods
  • Ensemble Kalman Filter Methods: Theory and practical issues
  • Computer practicals Ensemble Kalman filters
  • Nonlinear data assimilation and Particle Filters: Theory and practical issues
  • Computyer practicals Particle filters
  • Hybrid Methods: Theory and practical issues
  • Computer practicals Hybrid methods
  • When to use what

Supplementary Material

Maths primer (pdf)
Useful linear algebra (pdf)
Notation (docx)
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