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Please see From Observations to Forecasts - Part 5. New forms of meteorological observations and information, by Roger Brugge, published in Weather <65 4, po 100-104 for the complete article.

Quick links to data sources as provided in Table 2 of the article.

L1 Met Office forecasts (also RSS, alerts, .weather gadgets., etc.)

L2 BBC weather forecasts

L3 Latest weather observations (Met Office)

L4 Latest weather observations and links to recent graphical archive (Met Office)

L5 National Data Buoy Center

L6 Met …ireann observations

L7 Scottish weather observation network

L8 The latest Met Office six-hourly analysis

L9 The latest Deutscher Wetterdient sixhourly analysis (with plotted observations)

L10 Hourly surface analysis for the British Isles (Met Office)

L11 Jon O.Rourke.s website

L12 Radar imagery every 30 minutes for the British Isles unless in zoom mode (Met Office)

L13 Radar imagery, northwest Europe (Meteox)

L14 MeteoGroup radar imagery

L15 Sferics (lightning) charts (Blids)

L16 High resolution geostationarysatellite visible imagery (Met Office)

L17 Earthcam webcam listing

L18 Paul Gilliver.s .weather webcam. page

L19 Met Office weather warnings

L20 BBC weather warnings

L21 Subscribe to Met Office weather alerts

L22 Met Office twitter site for alerts and new releases

L23 Met …ireann weather warnings

L24 Roadside weather conditions (Vaisala)

L25 Flood warnings, England and Wales (Environment Agency)

L26 Flood warning, Scotland (SEPA)

L27 Floodline warnings direct (Environment Agency)

L28 Irish inland lake forecasts (Met …ireann)

L29 BBC Weather coastal forecast

L30 BBC Weather inshore forecast

L31 Irish inshore forecast (Met …ireann)

L32 BBC Weather shipping forecast

L33 Irish sea crossing forecasts (Met …ireann)

L34 Frank Singleton.s weather and sailing pages

L35 .An essential page for sailors. (Frank Singleton)

L36 Met Office mountain weather forecasts

L37 SAIS snow and avalanche forecasts

L38 Met …ireann mobile site

L39 Meteox mobile radar site

L40 BBC weather mobile-friendly site

L41 Met Office aviation forecasts

L42 Newsgroup

L43 Roger Brugge.s homepage

N1 . Newsgroup

N2 UK Weather World forum

N3 The Weather Outlook forum

N4 Midlands weather forum

N5 Netweather forum

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