The waveband summation transform

WS report No. 1

A 43-page ps document giving background, motivation and details is available below. It describes in detail the approach of control variable transforms, derives the current Met Office spatial transforms and highlights some areas where they are not performing well. The document discusses the waveband summation (WS) transform and how it is expected to resolve some of the current inadequacies.

The document is available here as a gzipped postscript or as a pdf file.

WS presentation at Met Office, Jan 10th 2005

Download powerpoint file here

WS test program

A cut-down 2d test program has been made in C++. The program argument list is available here in html or in gzipped ps.

WS test program results

Trials have been performed to test the performance of the simplest WS transform model. The program (above) has been used to compare diagnostics of the WS scheme (under different configurations) with diagnostics computed exactly, and with diagnostics computed using a similar model to the one used currently by the Met Office. The effectivness of the inverse WS transform is also assessed.

Results are found here in html.

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