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Main links for work

Links to work which I was involved with:

  • Actual: development of Actual data webpage.
  • Cloudnet: development of cloudnet webpage.
  • Davie: reading the unformatted Fortran files produced by Blasius and the older versions of the LEM
  • Edwards-Slingo radiation code information on running the stand alone version of this code in department.
  • FASTER plots: plots the level3 data.
  • Field Site: weather data produced by the department.
  • Grids: information about the campus grid, department grid and the National Grid service.
  • IGCM: my work on parrellising the IGCM.
  • Lab pages
  • LEM: information on the running the Met Office's Large Eddy Model in the department.
  • Name III: information on runing this dispersion code in the department.
  • Storms: a database of storm characteristics
  • Track code: compositing storm tracks.

Main Sports links

Pages I've written for sport in the department:

The following pages are for use by member of the University squash league and require a username and password to use them:

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