Latest news from the Department of Meteorology

Home is where the chart is …

July 25th, 2016 : 06:45 AM

By Andrew Gabey Increasingly detailed weather forecasts will need data from far more weather stations than at present. Filling this gap is especially important for urban areas, where the built environment and the heat emitted by human activities have a … Continue reading

Spotlight on aviation CO2 emissions

July 18th, 2016 : 05:45 AM

By Emma Irvine Climate change, resulting from emissions of CO2 amongst other factors, is a major topic of research here at Reading. This blog focusses on the emissions from one particular sector, aviation, and progress on tackling them. I write … Continue reading

An artefactually introduced monthly cycle in the ensemble fields constrained by HadISST2

July 11th, 2016 : 06:45 AM

By Xiangbo Feng ECMWF has recently developed two major ensemble products for 20th century climate, i.e. ERA-20CM and CERA-20C, within ERA-CLIM and ERA-CLIM2 projects. ERA-20CM is in ECMWF’s public datasets now, and CERA-20C has been scheduled to disseminate in the near … Continue reading

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