Dispersion Group

Name III Model


The Name model is used to model the dispersion of large number of particles. It is of a Langrangian, Monte Carlo type in which emissions are modelled be releasing large number of particles into the `model atmosphere'. The particles are carried along passively by the ambient three-dimensional wind flow (or undergo gravitational settling), with turbulent dispersion simulated by random walk techniques. Each particle represents a proportion of the mass or activity of released pollutant, which is reduced over time by both wet and dry deposition processes and radioactive decay. The model also has facilities for modifying the plume spread and estimating the source strengths from observational data.

The Name III model was produced in the Met Office and has been recently imported here (Spring 2008). Please report problems with the code to Marc.

Information covered by these web pages

These page cover:
  • Introduction: a basic introduction to using the model
  • Documentation: documentation from the Met Office
  • IDL Programes: information on how the data can be viewed graphically and which of the Met Office PV-Wave programs have been converted for use on IDL.
  • Test cases: images from test cases that can be run.
  • Import changes: changes made to the code to import it here
  • Code: display all the Name III code.

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