Sport in Meteorology Department

There's a lot of sport played in the Meteorology department and we'd always encourage new people to get involved. Information about sport is usually sent to the met-social e-mail list (which also covers social events) so please subscribe to met-social if your interested in any of the sport in the department.

This page summarises some of the activity which takes place and provides links to the main sports web pages for the department. The bookings for sport activities and the organisation of tournaments is just done by individuals within the department, so there's no reason why anyone can't start up another sporting activity or take over a current one. The sports generally played here are:

Some sports, such as football, can now be signed up online.

Autumn term

It's a nightmare to try and book sport in the evening during the Autumn term because all the clubs have preferential booking and they are at their most popular during this time. It is sometime impossible to book sport during the evening in this term, which means we have to play at less sociable times.


Basketball is played within the department every week, usually, on a Monday evening. Anyone can sign up. Contact Nick for more details.


The department take part in the slogger's league which is an inter-department competition. John N and Tom O are the people to talk to about cricket.


Unihoc is usually at 5pm or 5:45pm on Wednesday or Thursday, so worth looking at the sign-up webpage to find out when. Dirk is one of the organisers for unihoc and he says, `It lasts around 55 minutes, sticks etc are provided and no previous experience of anything required, so anyone can come along and join in!'

Competition Calendar

Some competitions seem to be run at the same time every year.

Jan End of Squash Tournament
May Croquet tournament: Golden Mallet
Sep Conkers tournament
Dec Start of Squash Tournament

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