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Comment on small crystal paper by Cooper and Garrett (2011) Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss. 4 C1065-C1068

Conference paper on time-dependent ice nucleation (for more details see publication # 21 above), and on small crystals in cirrus (see paper # 7 above):
Stochastic ice nucleation in supercooled clouds, and constraints on the fraction of small ice crystals in glaciated clouds, observed using Doppler lidar and radar

Major conferences

Some other talks

Invited talk at the Met Office in 2002
Theoretical Physics seminar at the University of Warwick in 2003
Lunchtime seminar, Reading Meteorology dept. 2008
Talk, APPRAISE annual meeting, Leeds 2008
Invited talk, Space and Atmospheric Physics Group, Imperial College 2009
Talk and poster at APPRAISE annual meeting, Manchester 2009
Talk, cloud physics across scales meeting, NCAR, 2009
Lecture, Royal Meteorological Society AGM, London, 2009
Talk, RMetS Atmospheric Processes specialist group meeting, Met Office, Exeter, 2011.

PhD Thesis
'Universality in snowflake formation' University of Warwick (2005)

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