My Research Staff

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Current PDRAs

Dr Guannan Hu DARE PDRA, starting January 2020.

Dr Rémy Vandaele DARE PDRA, starting January 2020.

Former Staff

Dr Joanne Waller FRANC and TENDERLY PDRA working on correlated observation errors, Research Co-I for OSCA project, DARE PDRA. Now working as a Senior Scientist at the Met Office. Awarded Royal Meteorological Society LF Richardson Prize in 2020, for research carried out in my group.

Dr Sanita Vetra-Carvalho DARE PDRA. Now working for SPIRE global

Dr Linda Speight Flooding from Intense Rainfall Policy and Impact Fellow. Now working in the Department of Geography at Reading

Dr Javier Garcia-Pintado DEMON/SINATRA PDRA working on assimilation of SAR satellite images into hydraulic and hydrological models. Javier now works at MARUM, University of Bremen, Germany

Dr Debbie Clifford NCEO research fellow, Dept of Meteorology. Debbie moved on to work as a knowledge exchange officer for NCEO and is now an Environmental Data Consultant at the Institute of Environmental Analytics

Dr Susan Rennie FREE PDRA, Dept of Meteorology, working on the assimilation of radar Doppler winds from insects into the Met Office model. Susan now works for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

Dr Gill Thornhill FREE research fellow, working on data assimilation in morphodynamic models. Gill's next post was as a research fellow at UCL.

Dr Tania Scott FREE research fellow, working on data assimilation in morphodynamic models. Tania became a full time homemaker.

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