Department of Meteorology, University of Reading

I work at the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading. My research interests largely concern physics-dynamics interactions: i.e., model parameterizations and their influences on dynamics. Of particular interest is atmospheric convection, ranging from idealized process studies to its representation in numerical models, to its role in synoptic-scale systems.

Other interests include the role of the boundary layer in synoptic systems as well as the use of ensembles and predictability. In a previous life, before I became a meteorologist, I worked on low-energy particle physics and on radioactive waste disposal.

I am currently advertising for a PhD studentship on model uncertainty to begin in October 2018.

Externally, I was recently involved in a European group on Theoretical Studies of the Convection Parameterization Problem (the recently-concluded COST Action ES0905). This included being the lead editor for a two volume book on convection parameterization (covers above), and organization of a training school held in Croatia in September 2013. I am also involved with the organization of a GASS model intercomparison on the weak temperature gradient and related methods. Internally, I am involved with both the mesoscale and the boundary layer groups of the department.

Some details of the convection parameterization book are in this flyer. The cover art is courtesy of Graeme Stephens.