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I do a lot of work on parameterizations, or on issues closely related to the performance of parameterizations. It's curious that the spelling of the word seems to have little concensus in the meteorological community, with many individuals having a clear preference for one spelling but not usually for any good reason. Personally I like parameterization, but not for any good reason. Sometimes a collaborator (or a particular journal) has a stronger preference than me, so sometimes I end up writing it in another way, but it doesn't come naturally.

Interestingly, the wider world has a clear view that it should be z not s. The 2nd e is more contentious though. It was more usually omitted until the late 1980s since when it has come into favour and now appears around 2/3 of the time. Despite opinions I have sometimes heard, there is no real difference between the British and the Americans on this.

The British data

The American data