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My research is driven by the fundamental question: How much will the Earth warm in the current century and what are the implications for the global water cycle, upon which societies and ecosystems depend? I use Earth Observation data to explore fluctuations in clouds and precipitation, water vapour and the Earth's radiative energy balance and use this information to assess the realism of climate prediction models and improve our understanding of the climate system.

I am Reading PI on the SMURPHS consortium having led the DEEP-C project, I am workpackage lead on the ERA4CS INDECIS project and contribute to the NERC SINATRA project and the EU DACCIWA consortium. Previous projects include PAGODA and HYDEF (both part of the NERC Changing Water Cycle programme) and I led the related PREPARE project.

I work closely with NCEO, NCAS-Climate, the Walker Institute and the Met Office

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  • Chunlei Liu - DEEP-C project looking into the recent slow down in surface warming rate and the PAGODA CWC project (understanding of the global hydrological cycle)

  • Peter Hill works on the DACCIWA project

  • Caroline Dunning is a final year PhD student working on Africa rainfall variability and impacts co-supervised with Dr. Emily Black

  • An NCEO UKESM contribution has now begun and I am also involved with the NCEO contribution to EarthCARE from Shannon Mason and the US DoE ARM project both with Christine Chiu (now Colorado State University)

    I have also supervised or collaborated with the following researchers over recent years:

  • Ross Maidment works on African rainfall and has developed the TARCAT dataset

  • Adrian Champion worked on the SINATRA project to look at atmospheric precursors to flooding from intense summer rainfall

  • Kerian Ferreira completed her PhD on Hadley Cell changes and water resources (co-supervised with Prof. Nigel Arnell)

  • Zahra Mousavi completed her PhD working on Earth's radiation budget and rainfall (co-supervised with Prof. Keith Shine)

  • Charlie Williams - CALM project (assessing land surface feedbacks in CMIP5 models)

  • Matthias Zahn - PREPARE project (links between radiative cooling and precipitation responses)

  • Claire Barber - Completed her Phd on changes in marine boundary layer clouds in observations and models

  • Viju John - HadIR JWCRP project (developing a climate water vapour satellite dataset)

  • David Lavers - HydEF CWC project (understanding the relationship between weather events and river catchment responses)

    Richard P. Allan
    Location: Department of Meteorology (2U15)

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