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Weather news in Reading

Daily weather observations at the University of Reading date back to 1901. Here are a selection of weather news stories for Reading since they began - with one or two earlier, newsworthy, items. They will be updated each day. Please let us know if you have any other snippets of news/information.

Any mention of a record refers to observations at the University of Reading - elsewhere in the United Kingdom values may have been higher or lower.

In Reading on 21 October in ...

The first of four sunless days.
One of the wettest October days on record as 33.0 mm of rain fell. Rainfall was almost continuous throughout the day.
One of the lowest October grass minimum temperatures on record - a sharp ground frost resulted as the temperature at grass tip level dropped to -9.5 C. However, the minimum air temperature of -0.1 C meant that there was only a very slight air frost.
The first of five sunless days with just 0.3 h of sunshine in the previous two days.

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