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The weather of Reading in August

Air temperatures in Reading fall slowly after mid-month with maximum temperatures of about 23 ºC at the start of August declining to about 21 ºC by the end of the month and minimum temperatures changing from about 13 ºC to 12 ºC in the same period. The average monthly temperature for August is 17.3ºC. Air temperatures in August in Reading since 1908 have ranged from 36.4 ºC on 10 August 2003 (the highest air temperature in the university record at the start of a warm month when 30 ºC was measured on six out of eight days) to 2.9 ºC on 31 August 1934. Maximum temperatures below 14 ºC have occurred on five days since 1908 - with the coldest day having a maximum of just 13.5 ºC on 19 August 1977. The second warmest day saw a temperature of 36.0 ºC on 9 August 1911, part of a very warm August during a spell when 30 ºC was reached on five days out of seven. The coldest nights tend to occur towards the end of August and are sometimes accompanied by ground frost (there were 7 ground frosts in August 1993). Earlier in the month there can be some very warm nights; the highest minimum temperatures on record in August have been those on 11 August 2003 (19.9 ºC) and 2 August 1995 (20.8 ºC). On 26 days from 11 August 1947 there was a 26-day warm spell during which the temperature reached 25 ºC each day. This was also the warmest August on record (average temperature 20.5 ºC) while the coldest August occurred in 1920 (14.2 ºC).

The monthly mean rainfall for August in Reading is about 52 mm, while August rainfall totals have ranged from 136 mm in 2004 to just 1 mm in 1940. In 2004 over half the rain fell on two days (30.6 mm on the 5th and 44.2 mm on the 9th) while from the 19th to 22nd another 39.3 mm fell - so much of the month was relatively dry. Daily falls of 25 mm or more of rain occur in about one year in four in August and since 1908 there have been four days in August on which 50 mm of rain fell - 20 August 1932 (55.6 mm), 14 August 1980 (50.8 mm), 9 August 1999 (52.6 mm) and 18 August 2011 (when 59.5 mm fell in 7.5 hours).

August is the second sunniest month of the year with about 191 hours of bright sunshine on average. In 1976 281 h of sunshine were recorded in Reading, while in 1968 the month's total was just 117 h.

Snowfall has never occurred in Reading in August since 1908. About one year in four is thunder-free while six days with thunder were recorded in 1931, 1960 and 2004. Fog at 0900 GMT occurs on about one day every five years in August. The greatest wind gust on record during August is 49 kn (25 m/s) on 7th August 1962.

All averages refer to the period 1981-2010 unless otherwise stated.

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