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The weather of Reading in October

Daily maximum air temperatures fall from about 17.0 ºC at the start of the month to 13.5 ºC at the month's end; minimum temperatures fall from about 9.6 ºC to 6.0 ºC. The average temperature for the month is 11.5 ºC. Maximum temperatures rose above 27 ºC in October 1921 and October 2011; in October 1921 temperatures reached 25.7 ºC, 28.2 ºC (the highest on record for October) and 27.7 ºC on the 4th to 6th (remarkably late 'summer temperatures'). In 2014 the maximum temperature reached 21.7 ºC on the 31st, an unusually high reading so late in the year. On 31 October 1934 the maximum temperature only rose to 4.4 ºC (not until the following January was there a colder day). On four nights in the October record the minimum temperature remained above 16 ºC - including 16.4 ºC on 4 October 1921, 16.6 ºC on 12 October 2005 and 16.5ºC on 4 October 2013. Minimum temperatures occasionally fall below -3 ºC in October; the lowest temperatures in the university's record were noted on the mornings of 19 October 1926 (-4.6 ºC) and 28 October 1931 (-4.7 ºC).

October is, on average, the wettest month of the year in Reading with an average of 74 mm of rain falling in about 14 days. 174 mm of rain in October 1960 made this wettest of any month in the university's record since 1908, while 165 mm fell in 1949. In 1969, however, just 3.8 mm fell. By far the wettest October day in the record was 29th October 2000 when 49.3 mm of rain fell in 16 hours, although on 2nd-3rd October 2020 93.1 mm of rain fell in 48 hours.

Sunshine averages almost 3.5 hours per day in October (monthly mean 108 hours) with an average of 5 sunless days during the month. Sunless spells lasting three or four days are not uncommon, the longest being 5 days from 21 October 2012. A sunny day in October might be considered to be one that receives 9.5 hours or more - such amounts occurring during the first half of the month due to the shortening of the daylight period as the month evolves.

October is the first month in autumn when snow or air frost might be expected in Reading, with the averages indicating that snow falls on about 1 day in ten Octobers while air frosts occur on just under 1 day in each October. In 1922 there were 4 days with snow falling (28th-31st) while only on 29 October 2008 was there 50 per cent snow cover on the ground at 0900 GMT (1 cm deep). Thunder occurs on seven October days each decade, being heard on 3 days in 2001 and in 2013. Fog is observed on 1-2 days each October at 0900 GMT although one in four Octobers is fog-free at this time. The foggiest October month was in 1908 (13 mornings) although fog is now about half as frequent as it was 100 years ago. The greatest wind gust on record during October was one of 67 knots (34 m/s) on 16 October 1987 (the latter during an event that became known as the 'Great Storm' of October 1987).

All averages refer to the period 1991-2020 unless otherwise stated.

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