Former Students

Here is a list of some of my former post-graduate research students along with their current jobs

PhD students

Dr Clare Oatley Thesis: Vortex-vortex interactions during the Southern Hemisphere Stratospheric Sudden Warming, September 2002 Graduated July 2010
Energy risk forecaster (Deutsche Bank)
Dr Daniel Mitchell Thesis: Extreme Variability of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex Graduated July 2011
PDRA (Univ. of Oxford)
Dr Sana Mahmood Thesis: Impact of the representation of the Stratosphere on Tropospheric weather forecasts Graduated December 2013
Research Scientist (Met Office)

MSc students

Shengxuan Ji Graduated Dec 2013 Dissertation: The predictability of Stratospheric Sudden Warmings and their Tropospheric Impact
Carolyn Gardner Graduated Dec 2013 Dissertation: Energy Meteorology: A cold crisis in the European energy system. Sous Chef and Waitress
Sophie Yeomans Graduated Dec 2012 Dissertation: Links between the stratosphere and blocking Trainee Operational Meteorologist - Met Office
Theofano Derveni Graduated Dec 2011 Dissertation: Can short-term solar fluctuations cause Sudden Stratospheric Warmings? Weather Forecaster - Met Office
Thomas Webb Graduated Dec 2011 Dissertation: How do weather conditions affect the recpetion of inifra-sound signals PhD student - Univ. of Reading
Jessica Day Graduated Dec 2011 Dissertation: Seasonal storminess and the Stratosphere Trainee Forecaster - Met Office
Edgar Mendez Garcia Graduated Dec 2009 Dissertation: Medium and extended-range forecasting in West Africa
Zak Kipling Graduated Dec 2009 Dissertation: Spatio-temporal behaviour of medium-range ensemble forecasts PDRA - Univ. of Oxford
Liz McMichael Graduated Dec 2009 Dissertation: Recovery of final warming dates as simulated by stratospere-resolving chemistry-climate models Integration specialist - NOAA
Amanda Maycock Graduated Dec 2008 Dissertation: The role of the stratosphere in seasonal forecasting PDRA - University of Cambridge
Alex Jarman Graduated Dec 2008 Dissertation: The stratosphere in ensemble forecasting PhD Student - London School of Economics
Chloe Morrell Graduated Dec 2006 Dissertation: The vertical structure of the Polar Vortex during stratospheric sudden warmings Climate modelling scientific software engineer - Met Office

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