Andrew Charlton-Perez: Personal Webpage

These pages are about me, Andrew Charlton-Perez. I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of Meteorology.

Finding me

These pages are useful to students and staff who want to find me or book an appointment. On the right sidebar you can see my twitter feed which is updated to show where I am and what I'm doing during work hours. You can also see my Google calendar feed by clicking on the calendar tab to the left, please e-mail for an appointment.

My research group and interests

My research interests are in coupling between the Stratosphere and Troposphere on timescales between 10 days and many years. My most recent work has examined the simulation of Stratospheric Sudden Warmings in a series of Stratosphere-resolving GCMs. For more details click on the research tab.

I am always interested in hearing from those interested in my research, particularly students at undergraduate or postgraduate level interested in studying aspects of Stratospheric circulation and climate.

Current staff:

  • Dr Graeme Marlton (ARISE project)
  • Dr Kelsey Mulder (RACER project)

Current students:

  • Eunice Lo (with Ellie Highwood)

Things to do now


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