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IGFLUX - the Flux Program

Several versions of a comprehensive diagnostics package exist for the IGCM. This is a post-processor which reads the history data written by the model, creates a number of dynamically-based diagnostics, and saves them to data files. 2D data slices and averages are written as UTFs (a character coded file) by default, though an update for NetCDF output is available (see below).

IGFLUX 1.0 :

The original diagnostics program for IGCM1 and IGCM2, based on the old Cray-specific version BGFLUX2, and from which the newer version 1.1 (below) and versions for IGCM3x have been built. The documentation is old: ignore the sample jobdecks and note that microfilm output has been removed.

Documentation   nupdate library (binary)   source listing   Notes on Legendre transforms

IGFLUX 1.1 :

Used for IGCM1 and IGCM2 diagnostics, and includes transient fluxes and time-averages of the 3D fields.

Documentation   nupdate library (binary)   source listing   sample jobscript   sample output   (Listing of updates to create 1.1 from 1.0)

Documentation for the global energetics diagnostics in IGFLUX.

update1 and update2 for netCDF output. These work with the version of IGFLUX used with IGCM3 and will need adapting for the above versions of IGFLUX. This is a temporary link until compatible versions are available.

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