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Current Weather Links

Current Weather : UK & Europe

University of Reading observations
Global Analyses from ECMWF
Realtime radar/lidar images from Chilbolton

     Forecast menu
     Medium-range High-Res MSLP/wind, Z500/T850
     Medium-range Ensemble forecast
     Monthly f/cast verification: Z500   Global
     Seasonal forecasts (ECMWF) (Copernicus C3S)
     model versions and documentation.

Met Office
     UK forecast video
     Forecast videos (YouTube)
     UK Radar animation
     European MSLP animation (Anal & f/cast to 84hr)
     SST Analysis (E. Atlantic)
     Seasonal outlook (global)
     3-month outlook (UK)

BBC Weather Centre
     Shipping & coastal f/cast
     Winter sports

UK Met Office surface charts: (Wetterzentrale)
     Archive: (00UTC analyses since 1998)
UK Met Office surface charts: (
     Archive: (6-hourly since 11.10.2006)

UK radar (Meteo Group, high res)
European radar (3hr @ 15min resoln) (5min Reading)

Global observations & forecasts

WMO   World Weather Information Service
MeteoSwiss   Switzerland forecast
Westwind   European weather links (Obs. & forecasts)
NOAA   (ESRL Map room)
US National Weather Service

Global precipitation animation (3 days)

Australia: BoM
     Weather maps
     national radar/satellite loop
     WA weather
Perth Weather, WA

*** Snow & Skiing ***

Dynamical Tropopause Animations

ECMWF analyses   (DLR)
     Potential Temperature (θ) on PV=2: N.Hem   S.Hem

ECMWF analyses   (University of Reading)
     Tropopause θ(PV=2) global cylindrical plots
     Tropopause θ(PV=2) N.Hem/S.Hem polar plots

NCEP GFS analyses   (University of Washington, Seattle)
     N.Hemisphere θ(PV=2) last 7 days

Jetstream charts 300hPa GFS analyses / animations

Satellite imagery

Dundee satellite images
     Geostationary images
     AVHRR latest image
     MODIS latest image (includes RGB composite)

Meteosat images   (EUMETSAT)
     European IR animation ( 12hr / 60min)    (IR options)
     Global IR animation (0degE)
     Global IR animation (57degE)    (IR options)
     UK / W.Europe IR animation (Met Office, 24hr / 1hr)

W. Pacific IR animation   (GMS satellite, JMA)
Global IR animation   (last 48 hrs - NOAA CPC)
Regional IR animations   (last 72 hrs - NOAA CPC)
Global total precipitable water   (last 72 hrs MIMIC-TPW)

Global satellite montages   (Univ of Wisconsin-Madison)
     2-week animation
     2-week animation (b/w mpeg)

Animations for last week   (via Nick Klingaman)

Station data

NOAA NWS Internet Weather Service
     Global station reports (Decoded: last 24hrs)   Station index
     Global buoy data    /    UK buoys (map search)
     US radar options    /    US radar animation
NEXRAD NCAR/RAP's data archive viewer

Montreal Weather Centre     Surface(METARs)     Upper-air (UK)

University of Wyoming          Surface(METARs)     Upper-air

Archived Case Studies and animations
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