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The wind profile program provides wind speeds for any given latitude, longitude and height up to about 70m. It does this by extracting data from the MERRA re-analysis netCDF files, and so the region it covers and the time is covers is restricted by the MERRA data available. The MERRA re-analysis appears to run from the 23 Jan until about a month before current time.

The wind profile program was originally commissioned by the National Grid who wanted an indicator of the wind power they could expect at proposed locations for wind turbines. This area was a generous area covering the British Isles. The MERRA re-analysis data was chosen largely because it is free for a commercial company to use, but also because it provides one of the better resolutions over the UK and, rather uniquely, provides wind speeds at both 2m and 50m as well as the normal 10m above the surface.

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