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University weather experts record wettest spell in Reading since 2000 . Release date : 8 Jan 2014
University of Readings weather station recorded 152.3mm of rain between December 16 and January 6
In pictures: Flood-hit Berkshire . Release date : 7 Jan 2014
Close to a month's worth of rain fell over the Maidenhead area in the first week of January, according to a weather expert.
Readers' flood pictures from Reading and Wokingham . Release date : 3 Jan 2014
At the University of Reading, rainfall overnight amounted to 6.5mm, and another1.2mm fell shortly before midday as a line of hail and heavy rain crossed the town.
Why is the British weather so stormy right now? . Release date : 3 Jan 2014
Lingering warm air that drifted from the Sahara to the Atlantic this summer could be to blame for Britain's storms and heavy snowfall in the US and Canada
Flooding predicted for homes in Twyford, Charvil and Wargrave this afternoon . Release date : 3 Jan 2014
Dr Roger Brugge of the University of Reading's department of meteorology said this hail was accompanied by a increase in wind speed and gusts of up to 52mph.
Households across Reading braced for more floods . Release date : 2 Jan 2014
WEATHER experts are warning families in low lying areas of Reading to brace themselves for further flooding misery, with more high winds and torrential downpours forecast for the rest of the week.
Flood alerts in place on rivers Thames, Kennet and Loddon . Release date : 2 Jan 2014
More rain is forecast for the area for tomorrow morning followed by a brighter day on Saturday but further heavy rain is expected on Sunday and Monday
Flood warnings still in place after storm sweeps through Reading . Release date : 27 Dec 2013
FLOOD warnings are still in place after after stormy weather swept through the borough.
Stretch of River Thames added to list of flood warnings in Reading area . Release date : 26 Dec 2013
Further victims of floods as high river levels remain and more rain due overnight
Strong winds threaten to cause disruption for people travelling . Release date : 23 Dec 2013
Gusts of up to 60 mph expected this afternoon and continuing heavy rain and winds through the night
Clean-up after storm with more windy weather predicted . Release date : 1 Nov 2013
A clean-up operation has been taking place across Slough, Windsor and South Bucks this week after the St Jude Storm swept through the area on Monday.
Phew what a scorcher - Thursday was the hottest day in Reading. Release date : 2 Aug 2013
Weather experts at the University of Reading recorded a 32C peak yesterday, making it the hottest day of the year so far.
Saturday was the hottest day in Reading for four years. Release date : 15 July 2013
Saturday was the hottest day in Reading for four years according to researchers at the University of Reading. The temperature on Saturday reached 30.2 degrees centigrade at the university's weather station, followed by a slightly cooler 28.1C yesterday. Saturday's reading was the highest in the town since 30.4C was recorded on July 1, 2009.
Saturday hottest day in Reading in four years. Release date : 15 July 2013
Experts at Reading University revealed temperatures hit 30.2 degrees Celsius (86F) over the weekend - the highest since July 1, 2009, when highs of 30.4 degrees Celsius were recorded. The temperature dipped to 28.1 degrees Celsius (82F) on Sunday, but the warm weather is set to continue for another week, making it the hottest period since the summer of 2006.
Sun's out - but will our summers be wetter or more balmy in the years to come?. Release Date : 11 July 2013
This was a special article to publicise the forthcoming RMetS Amateur Meteorologists' Conference. (Although the online version appeared on 14 July, the printed version came out on 11 July, so that the peak temperature referred to is the one of 6th, not the 13th - which an even hotter day!)
Coldest May in Reading for 17 years. Release Date : 10 June 2013
This was the start of a story about the cold weather of May and spring 2013.
Record-breaking cold spell set to continue. Release Date : 25 March 2013
This was the headline in the local press following a University press release describing the weather observations in March 2013 during an unusual cold snap.
2012 was a year in which precipitation and its impacts were uppermost in the minds of most people. With 821 mm of rain falling at the University of Reading, it was the wettest year since 2000 when 852 mm fell. Release Date : 3 January 2013. See also The University of Reading research blog.
This was part of the story in the local press following a University press release describing the weather of 2012.
Floods set to become more common due to climate change. Release Date 26 November 2012.
Following devastating flooding across the UK, experts from the University of Reading offer their comment.
The wettest start to the summer for almost a century. Release Date : 02 July 2012
Nearly three times as much rain fell in Reading in June compared to the average for the month, according to meteorologists at the University of Reading.
The second wettest June in Reading in almost a century added to the miserable April and May weather to make the three-month period to June the rainiest late spring/early summer on record for 90 years.
Wet weekend? Blame the jet stream, say weather experts. Release Date : 15 June 2012
Movements to the jet stream - high-level winds that help dictate the weather in Britain - are to blame for the dreary start to June, scientists said.
Researchers at the University of Reading's world-renowned Department of Meteorology said the dull, cold and wet summer so far has been forecast by the Met Office to continue for the next week or so as the jet stream stubbornly refuses to budge from its position over the south of England.
May weather sets new records in Berkshire. Release Date : 31 May 2012
May has been a month of two halves for weather in Berkshire, as well as setting new records for high pressure and warm days, according to scientists at the University of Reading.
After a wet April, which brought some much-needed rain to the drought-hit south of England, May began with more sporadic rainfall, with 21.3 mm falling during the first 15 days and just 15.2 hours of sunshine in total until 10th May.
East Berks experiences twice the normal amount of April rain. Release Date : 01 May 2012
Reading and Maidenhead experienced over twice the normal amount of rainfall for April according to weather scientists at the University of Reading.
With water companies having enforced a hosepipe ban across the south of England from 5 April, researchers at the University of Reading recently calculated that the region needs twice as much rainfall over the summer than normal to get back to expected levels.
Warm days, cool nights, foggy mornings - March a month of contrasts. Release Date : 30 March 2012
Weather scientists in Reading have recorded the highest March temperature since 1965 - but also a record number of foggy starts and the biggest temperature contrasts for more than 50 years.
As well as a lack of rain, adding to the region's acute drought problems, meteorologists recorded the highest March temperature at the University of Reading since 1965 on Wednesday this week (28 March).
2011 - The second hottest year on record in Reading. Release Date : January 2012
2011 was the second warmest year locally on record, with only 2006 being warmer. This statistic is possibly the most surprising one of the year - the summer was cool and dull, but was compensated for by warm, dry and sunny spring and autumn seasons; even December was on the mild side this year in contrast to 2010. While 30C was not reached this year, there were many very warm or hot days during these two seasons - and the year exhibited a marked lack of low temperatures, the lowest being just -4.2C which occurred rather late in the winter in March.
University of Reading experts contribute to success of BBC's Wild Weather Week. Release Date : 21 September 2010
Experts from the University of Reading's world renowned Department of Meteorology have been answering questions about extreme weather for the BBC's 'Wild Weather Week'.
Reading academics have provided expert comment for radio and television including BBC London's Climate in the City. Professor Giles Harrison, Dr Keri Nicoll, Dr Janet Barlow and Dr Roger Brugge discussed volcanic ash, London's heat, and computer modelling to predict the weather.

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