University of Reading METFiDAS weather observations for 24 Oct 2017 at time 0400 UTC

These data are provided without any guarantee as to their accuracy.
From time to time errors may arise which we will endeavour to correct as quickly as possible.

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MaximumTime MinimumTime Total

Temperature and humidity
Air temperature: C 14.7 n/a n/a
Wet bulb temperature: C 14.4
Dew point bulb temp.: C 14.3
Vapour pressure: hPa 16.4
Note: The wet bulb, dew point and vapour pressure above are computed from air temperature and relative humidity
Relative humidity: % 98 n/a n/a
Temperature change in 1 hour: degC +0.3
Wet bulb temperature: C 14.3 n/a n/a
Note: The above wet bulb temperature is measured using a probe and wick

Surface temperatures (C)
Grass temperature 14.1 n/a n/a
Concrete temperature 14.2 n/a n/a
Bare soil temperature 13.8 n/a n/a

Precipitation (mm)
Rainfall in past 5 minutes: 0.0
Rainfall in past hour: 0.0
Rainfall in past 3 hours: 0.0
Rainfall in past 6 hours: n/a
Rainfall since 0000 UTC: 0.0

Soil temperatures under grass (C)
5 cm soil temperature: 13.9 n/a n/a
10 cm soil temperature: 13.6 n/a n/a
20 cm soil temperature: 13.5 n/a n/a
30 cm soil temperature: 13.6 n/a n/a
50 cm soil temperature: 13.4 n/a n/a
100 cm soil temperature: 14.2 n/a n/a

Lowest cloud base (ceilometer measurement)
Lowest cloud base in past 5 minutes: metres 375
Lowest cloud base in past 5 minutes: feet 1230

Sunshine and irradiance
Sunshine in past 5 minutes: min 0.0
Sunshine since 0000 UTC: h 0.0
Total global solar irradiance: W/m2 0 1 0004
Global solar irrad. since 0000 UTC: MJ/m2 0.01
Direct beam solar irradiance: W/m2 0 n/a
Diffuse solar irradiance: W/m2 0 n/a
Net irradiance: W/m2 9 n/a n/a
Ground heat flux density: W/m2 1 n/a n/a
Shortwave upwelling irradiance: W/m2 0 n/a n/a
Shortwave downwelling irradiance: W/m2 -1 n/a n/a
Longwave upwelling irradiance: W/m2 392 n/a n/a
Longwave downwelling irradiance: W/m2 384 n/a n/a

Mean sea level pressure: hPa 1017.6 n/a n/a
Pressure change in 1 hour: hPa 0.0
Pressure change in 3 hours: hPa -0.2

10-metre wind direction: 223
10-metre wind speed: m/s 1.8
Note: Wind speed and direction are 10-minute vector mean values
10-metre maximum 3-sec wind gust: m/s 3.3 5.5
2-metre average wind speed since 0000 UTC: m/s 1.7
10-metre average wind speed since 0000 UTC: m/s 2.3

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