University of Reading METFiDAS weather observations

These data are provided without any guarantee as to their accuracy.
From time to time errors may arise which we will endeavour to correct as quickly as possible.

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Air temperature and humidity

Tdry - air (dry bulb) temperature (°C);
Tdew - dew point temperature (°C);
RH - relative humidity (%)


5minRain - 5-minute rainfall totals (mm);
Daily rain - accumulated rainfall from 0000 UTC (mm)

Precipitation rate

ppnRate - precipitation rate every 5 minutes (mm/h);

Present weather and visibility

Visibility - every 5 minutes (km);
Plotted symbols - Automatic Weather Station significant weather symbol every 5 minutes;
Key to plotted symbols (opens in new tab)


Pmsl - mean sea level pressure (hPa)


U10 - 10-minute mean wind speed at 5-minute intervals at 10 metres (m/s);
U10max - maximum 3-second gust at 5-minute intervals at 10 metres (m/s);
Dirn10 - 10-minute mean wind direction at 5-minute intervals at 10 metres (deg);
Wind direction shown as '0 degrees' when the wind is calm

Surface temperatures

Tgrass - temperature at grass-tip level (°C);
Tconc - temperature of the concrete slab surface (°C);
Tsoil - temperature of a bare soil surface (°C);

Soil temperatures under grass

TSoil - soil temperature at a depth of 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 cm (°C);


5minSun - 5-minute sunshine totals (min);
Daily sun - accumulated sunshine from 0000 UTC (h)

Cloud base height

Base1 - Ceilometer-measured height of lowest cloud layer (m)


Sg - Global solar (shortwave) irradiance (W/m2);
Rn - Net irradiance (W/m2);
G - Ground heat flux density (W/m2)

Up/down-ward radiation fluxes

LWup - Longwave upward flux (W/m2);
LWdn - Longwave downward flux (W/m2);
SWup - Shortwave upward flux (W/m2);
SWdn - Shortwave downward flux (W/m2)

Atmospheric electricity

PG - Potential gradient (V/m);
iCP - Corrugated plate vertical atmospheric current (pA);
iFP - Flat plate vertical atmospheric current (pA)

Weather conditions at the University of Reading over the past 6 hours can be found here.
Weather conditions at the University of Reading over the past week can be found here.