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Academic Staff

MetOffice@Reading DA Staff

Research Staff

Research Students

  • Zak Bell
  • Elizabeth Cooper
  • Amsalework Ejigu
  • Maha Kaouri
  • Andrew Mirza (based at Met Office, Exeter)
  • Matthew Ng
  • Flavia Rodrigues
  • David Sursham (located at PML)
  • Jemima Tabeart
  • Mengbin Zhu (NUDT, Changsha)


Shinya Yamamoto

Former members

Mel Ades (now at ECMWF)
Laura Baker
Gillian Baxter
Caroline Boess
Bertran Bonan
Roger Brugge
Seonaid Dey (now at CEH)
Philip Browne (now at ECMWF)
Adam El Said
Janet Fillingham (now NCEO)
Stephen Haben
Katherine Howes
Javier Garcia-Pintado (now at Universtiy of Bremen)
Michael Goodliff
Andrea Kaiser-Weiss (now at German Meteolorological Service)
Matthew Lang
Stefano Migliorini (now at the Met Office)
Alex Moodey
Alan O'Neill
Dale Partridge
Africa Perianez
Ruth Petrie (now at STFC)
Ewan Pinnington
Susan Rennie (now at CAWCR, Australia)
Ali Rudd (now at CEH)
Roel Stappers
Gillian Thornhill
Dani Volpi (based at the IC3, Barcelona)


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