Data Assimilation Research Centre Mini Library

The following books are available for loan to DARC staff and students. Please sign books out so we know where they are!

Book list

Author(s) Title Owner Location
Bennett Inverse methods in physical oceanography DARC 1U11
Bennett Inverse modeling of the ocean and atmosphere DARC 1U11
Daley Atmospheric data analysis DARC 1U11
Evensen Data assimilation - the ensemble Kalman filter DARC 1U11
Gelb (ed.) Applied optimal estimation DARC 1U11
Goulub, van Loan Matrix computations DARC 1U11
Gurney, Foster, Parkinson Atlas of satellite observations related to global change DARC 1U11
Jazwinski Stochastic processes and filtering theory DARC 1U11
Lamport Latex - a document preparation system - user's guide and reference manual DARC 1U11
Lewis, Lakshmivarahan, Dhall Dynamic data assimilation: a least squares approach DARC 1U11
Nocedal, Wright Numerical optimization DARC 1U11
Pielke Mesoscale meteorological modeling DARC 1U11
Robert, Casella Monte Carlo statistical methods DARC 1U11
Rodgers Inverse methods for atmospheric sounding - theory and practice DARC 1U11
Strang Computation science and engineering DARC 1U11
Tarantola Inverse problem theory DARC 1U11
WMO Seamless prediction of the Earth system: from minutes to months DARC 1U11
Wunsch Discrete inverse and state estimation problems - with geophysical fluid applications DARC 1U11
Background error covariance matrix for a tropospheric temperature profile

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