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Additional material

website  Wiley website (includes all book figures, including erroneous Fig. 1.7)

PDF:62KB  Blank tephigram (other versions)

PDF:67KB  Psychrometric chart (Fig. 5.4)

PDF:71KB  HP35s program for psychrometric calculations

txt:2KB  RPL program for psychrometric calculations

PDF:55KB  Simple nomogram for the atmosphere (correct version of Fig. 1.7)

PDF:13KB  Extended nomogram for the atmosphere

Additional sections

These are draft sections for inclusion in the second edition. Comments are most welcome.

PDF:101KB  The Penman equation. (Note: corrected version as of 7 June 2012.)

PDF:87KB  Calculating the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. (Updated May 2018)

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