Joint DynVar/SNAP Workshop, 22nd-26th April 2013

Third DynVar Workshop and First SNAP Workshop

We are pleased to announce the joint third SPARC DynVar workshop and the first SPARC SNAP workshop to be held concurrently on the 22nd-24th April and the 24th-26th April at the University of Reading, Reading, UK.

DynVar workshop

The aims of this workshop are two-fold, first to provide a forum for:

  • discussion of the CMIP5 and SHFP multi-model ensembles, in particular, analyses related to and extending the synthesis manuscripts recently submitted to JGR (Charlton-Perez et al., Manzini et al.) and organized around the DynVar Research Topics
  • identifying the most critical deficiencies in the representation of the stratosphere in CMIP5 and SHFP simulations. Where and how can models be improved?
  • bringing insights from theory and observations to model development and consequently to prediction efforts.
  • and second to discuss the future direction of the DynVar Activity.

    Keynote speakers:

    • Joan Alexander
    • David Jackson
    • Ted Shepherd

    Invited talks

    • Thomas Birner
    • Amy Butler
    • Chiara Cagnazzo
    • Natalia Calvo
    • Alexey Karpechko
    • Thomas Krismer
    • Scott Osprey
    • Judith Perlwitz
    • Thomas Reichler
    • Tiffany Shaw
    • Isla Simpson

    SNAP Workshop

    The aim of this workshop is to:

    • begin the development of a new international network SNAP with interests in stratospheric predictability and impacts on the troposphere.
    • design a new international experiment on stratospheric predictability which will be carried out by SNAP partners in several operational weather centres.

    Keynote speaker: Thomas Jung

    The deadline for abstract submission is February 25th, 2013, please see the registration page for details of how to register and submit and abstract.

    Please check back at this website for further details as these become available


Workshop organising committee

Andrew Charlton-Perez, Edwin Gerber, Elisa Manzini


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