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2015-01-06-Remi-Tailleux-Fig-11 Zonal average of potential density (colour shading, inigma_2 units) and its anomaly (black contours) in the Drake Passage region in two runs from HiGEM1.2, a coupled climate model with an eddy-permitting ocean. (a) Anomalies in a run with a quadrupled concentration of atmospheric CO2 (4xCO2), (b) anomalies in a run that is forced only by the wind stress anomalies from the 4xCO2 run (WIND). Solid contours indicate positive density anomalies and dashed contours indicate negative anomalies. In 4xCO2 the isopycnals across the Drake Passage in the top 1000 m flatten, while in WIND they steepen. This reflects a weakening of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in 4xCO2, while in WIND this current strengthens. See Kuhlbrodt et al. (2015) for a detailed discussion.