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A range of courses in Oceanography and Ocean sciences are offered at the University of Reading, both at the Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. These courses focuses on the dynamics of the ocean circulation and the role of oceans in climate (how they interact with the atmosphere, sea ice, carbon cycle etc ...).

The fundamental physics laws that drive ocean currents are very similar to those found in the atmosphere. This is why the exploration of the two fluids dynamics and their numerical modelisation are often approached simultaneously (examples here and here). Specific aspects of the ocean circulation circulation (Gulf Stream, the global thermohaline circulation, geostrophic turbulence) are also explored in more details in Oceanography modules (example here).

Modules on ocean science are included in our undergraduate programmes in Meteorology and Environmental Physics and in our four postgraduate masters courses. In addition, options for related PhD research topics are normally available.

Here is a list of modules with a strong 'ocean' component:

At the undergraduate level:

At the postgraduater level: