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I am employed by two institutions:
  • NCAS (National Centre for Atmospheric Science), located in the Department of Meteorology of the University of Reading (80% of my time), since April 2003. I am a senior scientist in the core team and a professor in the department.
  • Met Office Hadley Centre in Exeter (20% of my time), since November 1990. I am a Met Office Science Fellow in climate change at the Hadley Centre.
My research interests in both places relate to the physical processes that control global and large-scale change in climate and sea level on multidecadal and longer timescales. I work with colleagues in both Reading and Exeter on these subjects, as well as with collaborators in other universities and climate centres.
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To contact me at the university: email j.m.gregory at or visit room HP178
Department of Meteorology, Harry Pitt Building, University of Reading, Reading RG6 6ES, United Kingdom
To contact me at the Met Office: email jonathan.gregory at
Met Office, FitzRoy Road, Exeter, Devon EX1 3PB, United Kingdom
I read email sent to either address wherever I am. I don't have a telephone.