Data Assimilation Meetings at Reading

Date Meeting type Speakers
1 Feb 2012 DARC seminar Jennie Waters (Met Office)
A 3D-VAR data assimilation system in the Met Office's ocean forecasting model.
The Met Office's Forecasting Ocean Assimilation Model (FOAM) has been run as a global operational system since 1997. The model produces analyses and forecasts of temperature, salinity, currents, sea surface height and seaice. The products are used by the Navy, commercially and for research purposes. Since 2008 the hydrodynamic model in FOAM has been the Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean (NEMO) model.
We are currently updating the data assimilation scheme in NEMO to the 3D-VAR system, NEMOVAR. This will replace our current analysis correction data assimilation scheme in the operational system in 2012. NEMOVAR is a collaboration between CERFACS, ECMWF, the Met Office and INRIA/LJK. It's a multivariate, incremental 3D-VAR, FGAT data assimilation scheme.
We will describe the implementation of NEMOVAR at the Met Office and will give an overview of the system including the bias correction schemes, the balance relationships and the error covariances. We will also present some results from a NEMO-NEMOVAR hindcast.

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