Data Assimilation Meetings at Reading

Date Meeting type Speakers
5 August 2015
G74 Philip Lyle building
Invited Speaker Lars Nerger (AWI)
The HBM-PDAF assimilation system for forecasts of physics and biogeochemistry in the North and Baltic Seas
A forecasting system for the North and Baltic Seas has been build by coupling the circulation model HBM, the regional ecological ocean model ERGOM, and the parallel data assimilation framework PDAF. The assimilation is applied to initialize forecasts of the physical and biogeochemical model fields. The system is aimed at operational use by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). The forecast system assimilates sea surface temperature measured by satellites operated by NOAA, in situ data of temperature and salinity profiles, as well as chlorophyll concentrations measured by MODIS. The assimilation uses an ensemble Kalman filter, which dynamically estimates the uncertainty of the state estimate with an ensemble of model states and applies spatially localized updates to improve the ocean state. I will discuss the structure of the assimilation system, the impact of the assimilation on the forecasts and issues to be considered in this data assimilation application.

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