Data Assimilation Meetings at Reading

Date Meeting type Speakers
28 Mar 2012
Informal DARC meeting Alison Fowler (University of Reading)
Measures of observation impact in non-Gaussian data assimilation
Non-Gaussian data assimilation (DA) is becoming of increasing interest in the geosciences due to the increasing complexity of the models and observations. It is important to understand how relaxing the assumption of Gaussian error statistics affects the impact of observations within the DA system. Such a measure can allow for assessment of the performance of the DA scheme, the design of future observation systems and data thinning.
Analytical results are shown for the sensitivity of the analysis to the observations when either the prior or likelihood is non-Gaussian. This measure is then compared to other measures of the observation impact, highlighting the difficulty in interpreting the influence of the non-Gaussian error statistics on observation impact.

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