Data Assimilation Meetings at Reading

Date Meeting type Speakers
30 May 2012 Special double DARC seminar 12-12.50: Vanja Blazica (Uni. of Ljubljana)
Analysis of divergent energy spectra in a limited area model
The atmospheric mesoscale spectra of vorticity and divergence are investigated through numerical predictions of spectral limited area model ALADIN with purpose to quantify the average share of divergence. The observed period was July 2007. Our findings show that compared to 20 % in synoptic scales, the rate in mesoscale increases to approximately 50 %. The ratio further depends on the subscale and height, therefore further work is carried out to determine the impact of height on this percentage, which shows the maximum in PBL at scales smaller than 50 km. The slope of spectra also decreases closer to the surface, both for vorticity and divergence and approaches k^-(5/3).

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