Data Assimilation Meetings at Reading

If you would like to be informed about future meetings please email and ask to be added to the mailing list.


For spring term of 2017, these meetings will be from 11.00 to 12.00 in MATHS 212. Exceptions of time/location are given below. If you have any questions please email.

Date Meeting type Speaker
3 May 2017 Invited Speaker Walter Acevedo (Potsdam Universitat)
26 April 2017 No seminar EGU, Vienna
25 April 2017 Invited Speaker Elisabeth Bauernschubert (DWD)
29 March 2017 No seminar NCEO Researchers Forum
22 March 2017 Internal Speaker Javier Amezcua (University of Reading)
Properties of families of WC4DVars
9 March 2017
Chancellors G13
Invited Speaker Patrick Raanes (NERSC)
Gaussian scale mixtures and adaptive inflation in the EnKF
8 March 2017
11-13, Miller G19
Invited Speaker Murray Pollock (University of Warwick)
Exact Bayesian Inference for Big Data
1 March 2017
11-13, Miller G19
Internal Speaker

Invited Speaker
Philip Maybank (University of Reading)
Fast approximate Bayesian inference for stable differential equation models
Will Penny (UCL)
Bayesian Inference for Brain Connectivity Modelling
22 February 2017
Invited Speaker Antje Weisheimer (Oxford University)
Seasonal forecasts and skills of predicting NAO from a 110-year hindcast data set
15 February 2017 No seminar SCENARIO DA course, UoR
8 February 2016 Internal Speaker Felipe Medina Aguayo (University of Reading)
Approximate MCMC, sacrificing exactness for speed
1 February 2016
Invited Speaker Nick Kantas (Imperial College)
Particle filtering: a brief tutorial on the methodology and some extensions that are useful for high dimensional systems
25 January 2017 Internal Speaker Gernot Geppert (University of Reading)
Analysis and application of the EnKF for the estimation of bounded quantities
18 February 2017 Invited Speaker
Dan Crisan (Imperial College)
Principled data assimilation: dream or reality.

Previous meetings

Background error covariance matrix for a tropospheric temperature profile

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