Data Assimilation Meetings at Reading

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Seminars occur during term time on Wednesdays at 11:00-12:00. For summer term of 2018, seminars will take place in Agriculture 1L16. Exceptions to both time and place are indicated. If you have any questions please email.

Date Meeting type Speaker
26 July 2018
Thursday, Meteorology 1L61
Invited Speaker Derek Posselt (JPL)
OSSEs of Varying Complexity and Their Use in Satellite Mission Design
13 July 2018
Friday, Meteorology 1L43
Invited Speaker Craig Bishop (University of Melbourne)
Next decade data assimilation and the challenge of non-Gaussian, non-linear and multi-scale variables
11 July 2018 Invited Speaker Prateek Kumar (University of Cardiff)
A new hyperspectral microwave instrument (HYMAS)
27 June 2018 Internal Speakers Maha Kaouri (UoR)
Gauss-Newton-type Optimization Methods for Variational Data Assimilation
Elisabeth Cooper (UoR)
Observation operators for assimilation of satellite observations in river inundation forecasting
Zak Bell (UoR)
Accounting for error due to unresolved scales in data assimilation
20 June 2018 Invited Speaker Bart de Leeuw (CWI, Netherlands)
Shadowing data assimilation for imperfect models
13 June 2018 Invited Speaker Lars Nerger (AWI, Germany)
Building a Scalable Ensemble Data Assimilation System for Coupled Models
6 June 2018 Invited Speaker Ali Aydogdu (NERSC, Norway)
Ensemble data assimilation on a non-conservative adaptive moving mesh
30 May 2018 Invited Speaker Nicolas Bousserez (ECMWF)
Optimal and Scalable Dimension Reduction Techniques for Large-Scale Bayesian Atmospheric Inversions
16 May 2018 Invited Speaker Jonathan Ward (University of Leeds)
Agent-based models and data assimilation
9 May 2018 Invited Speaker Rosella Arcucci (Imperial College)
Effective Data Assimilation models
18 April 2018 No seminar NCEO staff meeting
17 April 2018
Tuesday, AGRIC 1L06
Invited Speaker Adam El-Said (Open University)
Mars Modelling Information Tool for Engineers (MarMITE): Quantifying the impact of local dust storms on Mars
11 April 2018 No seminar EGU annual meeting, Vienna
4 April 2018 Invited Speaker Havard Holm (Sintef, Norway)
GPU Ocean: Simplified ocean models and particle filters
21 March 2018 Invited Speaker Martin Saetra (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
GPU Ocean: Efficient shallow-water simulations on the GPU
14 March 2018 Invited Speaker Javier Garcia-Pintado (MARUM, Bremen)
Assimilation experiments with the Community Earth System Model (CESM) for multidecadal past climate reconstruction.
7 March 2018 No seminar ISDA 2018 (Munich) and ECMWF/NCEO training course (Reading)
2 March 2018
Friday, Maths 113
Invited Speaker Yannick Tremolet (NOAA)
The Joint Effort for Data assimilation Integration
28 February 2018 Invited Speaker Hans Kunsch (ETH, Zurich)
A hybrid Ensemble Kalman Particle Filter for high-dimensional data assimilation
31 January 2018 DARC administrative meeting Peter Jan van Leeuwen (University of Reading)
24 January 2018 Internal Speaker Richard Everitt (University of Reading)
A Tutorial on ABC and Synthetic Likelihood
17 January 2018 Internal Speaker Javier Amezcua (University of Reading)
Ensemble smoothers in the presence of auto-correlated model error
10 January 2018 Internal Speakers DARC group members
The status of DARC in 2018

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Background error covariance matrix for a tropospheric temperature profile

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