Summary of CF Metadata Trac tickets

Archive of CF Metadata Trac summaries

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Opened and Activity times are relative to 11th July 2014.

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115Add CF-SWEET updated mappings document, as appropriateenhancementgraybeal1 day1 day
113Review of CF feature typesenhancementmgschultz3 months3 days
112Create FAQ seed document for CF conventionsenhancementgraybeal3 months1 day
111New web sitedefectpainter13 months1 day
109Resolve inconsistency of positive and standard_name attributesdefectjonathan5 months5 months
108Defining a domain for a cell_methodenhancementmarkh8 months7 months
107CF Data Model version 1.7taskmarkh8 months3 months
104Clarify the interpretation of scalar coordinate variablesenhancementjonathan1 year7 months
103Corrections to Appendices A and Hdefectros1 year1 year
102Request for two additional cell_methodsenhancementrhorne1 year3 months
101Correct error in introductory text of Section 4.4 -- definition of 'year'defectstevehankin1 year1 year
100Clarifications to the preamble of sections 4 and 5defectjonathan1 year1 year
99Taxon names and identifiersenhancementlowry1 year3 days
97Multiple staggers in GRIDSPECenhancementOehmke1 year1 year
96Julian/Gregorian calendar name and constraintsenhancementDave.Allured1 year1 year
95Development of CF 1.5 Data Modeltaskmarkh1 year11 months
94Proposal for a CF String Syntax (CFSS)enhancementlowry (lowry)1 year1 year
93Add two new dimensionless vertical coordinates to support ocean modelsenhancementrsignell (russ)2 years1 year
92Add 'oblique_mercator' grid_mappingenhancementmcginnis2 years1 year
91Review of standard names for interoperabilitytaskmgschultz2 years2 years
90Collection of CF enhancements for interoperable applicationsenhancementmgschultz2 years2 years
89Reinterpretation of current standard names for vector componentsenhancementmarkh2 years2 years
88Proposed terms of reference for the CF data modelenhancementmarkh
(Jonathan Gregory)
2 years2 years
87Allow coordinate variables to have the "comment" attributedefectngalbraith2 years2 years
86Allow coordinate variables to have the "add_offset" and "scale_factor" attributesdefectrhorne2 years1 year
85Link Appendix H from section 9, and clarify missing data requirementsdefectjonathan2 years2 years
82Extend cell_methods attribute to document multi-step operations on a variableenhancementmgschultz
(Philip Cameron-Smith)
2 years2 years
80Add missing CF parameters to translate Coordinate Reference System properties to/from OGC Well-Known Text formatenhancementetourigny
(Jonathan Gregory)
2 years1 year
79Handling and formatting of vector quantities in CFenhancementlavergne2 years1 year
78CF aggregation rulesenhancementdavidhassell2 years2 years
77New grid mapping of "sinusoidal"enhancementetourigny2 years2 years
76More than one value in the "Conventions" attributeenhancementDave.Allured2 years2 years
75Fix documentation and definitions of 3 grid mappings: "lambert_conformal_conic", "lambert_cylindrical_equal_area" and "polar_stereographic"defectetourigny2 years2 years
74Allow sharing of ancillary variables among multiple data variablesenhancementrhorne3 years9 months
73Rename Appendix G as Appendix Zdefectjonathan3 years2 years
72New grid mapping of "Geostationary projection"enhancementmartin.raspaud3 years7 months
71Correction to the "Vertical perspective" grid mappingdefectmartin.raspaud3 years8 months
70Multiple grid mappings in a data variable's grid_mapping attributeenhancementmarkh
(David Hassell)
3 years2 years
69Specification of Coordinate Reference System properties in Well-Known Text formatenhancementpbentley
(Mark Hedley)
3 years1 year
68CF data model and reference implementation in Pythonenhancementjonathan
(Mark Hedley)
3 years1 year
67Multiple "missing_value" valuesdefectcaron3 years3 years
66Conformance of units with standard name modifiersdefectjonathan3 years3 years
65New cell_methods method of "range"enhancementjonathan
(Alison Pammment)
3 years9 months
64Section 7.3 editorial correction: replace attribute "cell_bounds" with "bounds"defectstevehankin3 years3 years
62Clarifications on the use of scalar auxiliary coordinatesdefecttaylor134 years8 months
61New cell_methods methods of "root_mean_square" and "mean_of_upper_decile" enhancementawalsh
(Alison Pamment)
4 years1 year
60CF Checker Version 2.0.1taskros4 years4 years
59Conventions for radial RADAR and LIDAR dataenhancementmikedixon4 years4 years
54CF Checker crash in chkAttributedefectros4 years1 year
53 CF checker incorrect error when missing_value and _FillValue are both NaNdefectros4 years4 years
52Proposal to recommend against the use of NaN as a _FillValue valuedefectros4 years2 years
50CF Checker to use CDAT-5.x and udunits2taskros5 years1 year
43CF checker grid mapping and cell methods checks for CF-1.4taskros6 years1 year
38CF checker coordinate systems checks for CF-1.1taskros6 years6 years
31New standard attributes of "actual_min" and "actual_max"enhancementjonblower
(John Caron)
6 years3 years
29Common Concept subtopic: CDL as constraint languageenhancementcaron6 years6 years
27Use namespace tags to include other conventions in netcdf files without repeating them in CFenhancementbenno
(Ethan Davis)
6 years5 years
24New optional CF variable attribute of "common_concept" and common concept vocabulary available from CF websiteenhancementfrato
(Alison Pamment)
6 years3 years