London Urban Micromet data Archive

brings together meteorological observations of urban areas, as well as modelling data. The framework for LUMA was developed by the Micrometeorology Team of the Earth and Environmental Dynamics Research Group at the Department of Geography, King’s College London (KCL), UK, with the aim to hold data from various cities across the globe. Initially, observations are available for a variety of sites across London. Access is restricted due to data policy, but with permission you can use certain data-sets.

Here on the LUMA website, we provide meta information, instructions and guidance for the use of LUMA data, using the following structure (see main menu bar):


Cities and sites available in LUMA (follow link) are listed in form of tables (follow link), providing


A table of available variables is provided, sorted by category. (follow link)


Meta data provide auxilliary informtaion about the LUMA system.

Access: Instructions and materials required to gain access to LUMA data.


Some useful resources when working with the NetCDF file format.

About:Background information.

Figure: Structure of the LUMA system. Data collection, processing and metadata management are closely linked via standardised automatic procedures and a common code library. This provides all necessary information to the LUMA user, constituting a comprehensive source of information for a variety of urban climate research applications. MDS: Main Data Server; see text for details.