London Urban Micromet data Archive, LUMA, was developed with funding support from EUFP7 Grant agreement no. 211345 (BRIDGE) and NERC ClearfLo (NE/H003231/1), NERC ARSF (GB08/19), NERC FSF, EPSRC (EP/I00159X/1, EP/I00159X/2) Materials Innovation Hub and KCL.

The LUMA archive system was developed and implemented by Simone Kotthaus, Dr Jiang-Ping He and Prof Sue Grimmond.

All past and present members of the micrometeorological research group at KCL of Prof Sue Grimmond have contributed to the extensive micrometeorological measurement network across London, including site setup, software development, data quality control, and analysis. Namely, these are (in alphabetical order): Veronica Bellucco, Alex Björkegren, Matt Blackett, Cris Castillo, Jon Durrans, Oscar Finnemore, Mariana Lina Gouvea, Grace Healy, Leena Järvi, Mark de Jong, Jinda Sae-Jung, Simone Kotthaus, Fredrik Lindberg, Thomas Loridan, Lucía López Martínez, Will Morrison, John Mustchin, Lukas Pauscher, Pru Robinson, Alessandra Sala, Tom Smith, Marc Thomas, Helen Ward, and Duick Young; plus numerous students who have done checking of the daily plots.

Technical support was provided by Alastair Reynolds, Paul Smith, Bruce Main, and Trevor Blackall.

We thank KCL Directorate of Estates Facilities for giving us the opportunity to operate the various measurement sites at KCL Strand, Waterloo and Guys Campus.

We thank Adrian Bowmann, Royal Borough of Kensington; Chelsea, for providing access to the sites NGT, NDT and NTT.