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I am a Professor of Space Physics in the Department of Meteorology. I am currently the Programme Director for the new Environmental Physics BSc.

Links to a (probably updated) publication list, (probably outdated) CV and (only slowly changing) research interests can be found in the left-hand panel.

Recent news

Research interests:

  • The heliospheric magnetic field
  • The source of the slow solar wind
  • Empirical and numerical space-weather forecasting
  • Reconstructions of long-term solar variability
  • Long-term trends in thunderstorm occurrence
  • More information can be found here. A list of publications is available here.

Externally funded research projects:

    • Current: What determines the open solar magnetic flux? (STFC consolidated grant)
    • Current: Space Weather Empirical Ensemble Package (STFC SWIMMR)
    • Current: Solar wind forecasting from L5 (ESA)
    • Current: Solar wind data assimilation (NERC standard grant)
    • Finished: Creation/destruction of heliospheric magnetic flux (STFC consolidated grant)
    • Finished: Space Weather Impact on Ground-based Systems (NERC highlight topic)
    • Finished: Driving Space Weather forecasts with real data (NERC standard grant)
    • Finished: The heliosphere and space weather under space-climate change (STFC)
    • Finished: Geomagnetic, sunspot and cosmogenic nuclide reconstructions of the solar magnetic field (Leverhulme prize)

Current postdoctoral & graduate student supervision

  • Dr Bingkun Yu Working on lightning effects on the ionosphere
  • Dr Nachiketa Chakraborty Looking at causal inference problems in space weather science
  • Dr Luke Barnard Working on solar wind model initiation using heliospheric imager data and space climate reconstructions.
  • Dr Matthew Lang Developing data assimilation techniques for the solar wind.
  • Harriet Turner. Studying solar wind forecasting through data assimilation
  • Anna-Marie Neale. Studying solar wind formation through in situ observations.
  • Lauren James. Studying the evolution of coronal mass ejections in the heliospehre. Co-supervised with Prof Chris Scott
  • Austin Jones Studying the link between thunderstorm activity and the ionosphere. Co-supervised with Prof Chris Scott
  • Carl Haines Characterising geomagnetic disturbances. In conjunction with EDF Energy.

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  • Office:
    2U03 Met
  • Email: Mathew Owens
  • Telephone:
    +44 (0) 118 378 5282

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