SOCRATES for Radiative Forcing Calculations


  • 13-Apr-2018 Study about historical tropospheric and stratospheric ozone radiative forcing presented at EGU-2018. Oral communication. See online

  • 26-Feb-2018 Historical tropospheric and stratospheric ozone radiative forcing using the CMIP6 database, publicated at GRL Journal. See online

  • 11-Jan-2018 Preliminary results of historical Ozone RF based on CMIP6 datasets calculated with SOCRATES-RF shown at the UM-UKCA workshop at Cambridge

Code Updates

  • v0.95 is now in testing period, it offers new functionalities like load previous changes on temperatures and a better organization of log and debug files. Internally the code has been better organized and cleaned with new derived types.

  • v0.93 it is the second version in production, it just added new options to the main lists to facilitate to the user the change between all-sky conditions and clear-sky conditions or add a new suffix name to the outputs.

  • v0.92 it is the first version in production, it includes as radiance-core the same that SOCRATES v1504. It allows to the user to calculate both instantaneous radiative forcing and adjusted temperatures using the fixed dynamical heating approach.

Latest Publications